Slains Castle

Slains Castle
Sunday 23 February 2020
10am - 4:30pm
Meet at Schoolhill

ESN is heading to the fantastic ruins of the original Slains Castle (NOT the themed pub on Belmont street ??). Perched on a dramatic cliff side with stunning coastal views, the castle is steeped in history - fab photo op! ??

It will follow a hiking trail along the picturesque Forvie Sands, here there is a tremendous chance of spotting seals, there are more than 300 of them along the Tay river. ????

So photographers be ready ?? ??

Hiking shoes are highly recommend ! ??
Lunch is not provided so we suggest to bring some food with you ??
We leave 10am sharp from school hill, and will be back around 4.30pm. ??


£10 for ESN Card Holders
£13 for everyone else

They are available from the student union front desk!

See you all there ??????

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