RGU Freshers 2023

Freshers is a week long extravaganza of events to welcome all new and returning students to RGU!


All summer we, at the Students' Union, have been working with RGU to plan a whole host of events for you to enjoy, including opportunities for you to meet new friends, get to know campus and get involved with student union activities. Please note that all official RGU Freshers wristbands and tickets will be sold through our website (www.rguunion.co.uk) or our official ticketing partner, Native (rguunion.native.fm). Unfortunately, every year we see scammers trying to target students with fake wristbands, tickets and events. Please always be vigilant and double check if a company is legitimate by referring to our website.

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What's On

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Get involved

Check out our societies Check out our Sport Clubs   

On demand videos:

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Top tips from IT department Good conduct getting it right as a student Student finance, an introduction Video Available Soon: Getting to know, university support services  

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Meet your student presidents and vice presidents

These are students who are elected to represent you while you are at RGU! Supporting your student experience by working closely with the university to represent your views, from education to welfare and everything in between this team are here to help and support you. 

You can contact any of our Student Presidents or Vice Presidents by email, social media or by visiting our offices, in The Riverside Building (previously known as Aberdeen Business School) on level 5 of the Union space. 

Patricia, President (Communication and Democracy)   Phoebe, President (Sport and Physical Activity)   Oluwatoyin, President (Education and Welfare)


Johnson, Vice President (Education)   Queen, Vice President (Community)   Millicent, Vice President (Welfare)


Ainsley, Vice President (Societies)   Jill, Vice President (Sport)   Rahul, Vice President (International)