Blues Awards

The Blues Awards are an annual celebration of sports clubs and athletes at RGU who have performed exceptionally in the last year. The event is hosted by RGU:Union and RGU SPORT and features the awarding of titles such as the prestigeous Full Blues to individual players, as well as group awards to outstanding sports clubs. Each year students and teams from RGU compete across the UK for Scottish Student Sport, British Universities and Colleges Sport and more and win incredible accolades for RGU. 

RGU Blues Awards Ball

Saturday 29th April 2017

RGU SPORT - 7:00pm - 1:00am

Once again, the legendary Blues Ball will take place in the main hall of RGU SPORT on the RGU Garthdee Campus. The ball is exclusively avaliable to members of RGU Sports Clubs, and demand is extremely high, with a limited number of tickets avaliable. The tickets to the ball will include food, drink and entertainment.

There shall be a VIP reception before the main ball, at 6:00pm where there will be award presentations and speeches. Ticket price is £60, and tickets shall go on sale at 12:00pm on 14th March 2017, on the RGU SPORT website. All online accounts for those buying tickets must be completed by 7th March. Doors will open at 7:00pm, with the event starting at 7:30pm. Along with award presentations, the band on the evening shall be Bahooki.




RGU:Union is proud to have over thirty different sports clubs, and running these clubs would not be possible without the hard work and dedication from student volunteers. Therefore, to recognise and reward the outstanding contribution of these individuals and their groups, RGU:Union and RGU SPORT annually present students with awards for those who have gone above and beyond what has been asked of them.

Any student, club member or affliate within the university can nominate an individual or team. Committee members may nominate someone for an award, but they will not be involved in the discussion or voting with regards to the nomination. An individual may only recieve the maximum of one Full Blue, one Half Blue and one Recognition for each of their chosen sports during their time at university. The decision of the Sports Awards Committee is final and any appeals can be made to the President (Sport and Physical Activity) or RGU SPORT. 

Full Blue

The Full Blue Award is given to an outstanding student engaged in sport who has gained recognition and brought acclaim to Robert Gordon University and RGU:Union by achieving exceptional results in their chosen sporting activity.

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Half Blue

The Half Blue Award is given to an excellent student who has achieved consistently high level of performance within their chosen sport.

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The Recognition Award is given to any sports club member who has given outstanding service to their club thorugh hard work, dedication and continued service. The recipiebt should have contributed to the operation and development of the club on a voluntary basis for a minimum of two years.

Fresher of the Year

The Fresher of the Year Award is given to recognise the most successful first year student involved in sporting activities. The student should demonstrate a high level of competative sporting success in their first year. They should also have become heavily involved within their chosen club and show commitment to supporting the club in the future. 

Sport Personality of the Year

The Sport Personality of the Year Award is presented to the student who has achieved the greatest indiviudal sporting success over the past year. The student must compete at an extremely high competative level and bring recognition to Robert Gordon University and RGU:Union for their achievements.

President's Performance of the Year

The President's Performance of the Year Award is bestowed upon an indiviudual student, team or club whom the student President (Sport and Physical Activity) at RGU:Union believes has had an outstanding single achievement from the past year. 

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year Award is presented to any individual involved in an RGU:Union sports club or through the Volunteer for Sport scheme, who has made an outstanding contribution to developing sport at the university or in the community.

Club of the Year

The Club of the Year Award is presented to the sports club demmed t be the most successful in all areas in the past year. The club should demonstrate regular participating levels and a significant effort to fundraise throughout the entire year.

There should be noticeable development within the club through achievements in competitions, increased participating and community involvement. The club should also have a healthy relationship with all members, encourages student involvement and engagement both on a sporting and social level.

Team of the Year

The Team of the Year Award is given to the team who has achieved the greatest competative success throughout the year. The team should be able to prove successes in Scottish Students Sport or BUCS leagues and cups, as well as any other competitions.

The team is expected t have fulfilled all of their competative fixtures throughout the year and have attended, where possible, all of their alloacted training slots. 

Best New Club or Team

The Best New Club or Team Award is given to a club which has demonstrated high levels of participation, good club development and sustainablity within their first year as a sports club.

Most Improved Club

The Most Improved Club Award is given to the club who has shown the greatest improvements over the year. This would include improvements in participation, fundraising and competative success, as well as significant club development. 

Volunteering Hours Awards

Any individual who is involved in running a sports club or team, or involved in the Volunteer for Sport scheme, is entitled to be awarded volunteering hours awards. Any work undertaken as part of SPAT team, on a committee for a club, organising fundraising events and more is eligeable for volunteering awards from RGU:Union.

Awards are given for any volunteering from ten hours, all the way to one thousand hours and more, whether this is within RGU or elsewhere. All students have to do is click here to download the Volunteering Hours Submit Form and complete it and send it to Find out more about logging volunteering hours, and how you can get it added to your university transcript by clicking here.