Student Achievement Awards 2016


Group Awards

Society of the Year
Language Society

Academic Society of the Year
Diagnotic Radiography (D-Radz)

New Society of the Year
Jewish Society (J-Soc)

Award for Continued Excellence and Consistency
Gaming Society

Volunteering Project of the Year
RGU:TV Stay Safe Campaign

Most Improved Society of the Year
Photography Society

Most Improved Academic Society of the Year
Business Society

Student Leadership Award
IHI Patient Safety Chapter

Student Engagement Award

Student Voice Award
LGBT+ Society

Community Ambassador Award
Dumbledore's Army

Special Recognition Award
RGU RAG and RGU Nightline

Media Group of the Year


Individual Awards

Volunteer of the Year
Marty McGouran

Society Person of the Year
Amy McNellis

Full Scarlet Award
Marty McGouran
Amy McNellis

Half Scarlet with Distinction
Rebecca Lloyd
Lewis Eden
Tom Sadler

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence
Charlotte Rigden
Ellen Laird
Hilary Scott
Joanna MacQueen
Kerry Harrison
Louis Currie

Half Scarlet Award
Amy Duncan
Bethan Coady
Emma Diamond
Gemma Loudon
Karen Mitchell
Karl Johnson
Lodovica Avidano
Lucy Moffat
Steven Hair

Recognition Award
Amy Gregor
Andreea Gabriela Alexa
Andrew Coulter
Annaelle Harris
Arham Aziz
Bolun Tang
Charlotte Blair
Chris Burnett
Christopher Cowie
Craig Stewart
Dale Sutherland
Duncan Bell
Edith Dinkpa
Hristina Dimitrova
Jemma Tansley
Laura-Anne Riach
Lydia Man
Rory Wemyss
Ryan O'Grady
Sarah-Jane Reilly
Sarah Nwinee
Sophie Dolderer

Calhounnah Bain
Caroline Orr
Lewis Copland
Miriam Hogg
Owen Clark
Rebecca Taylor
Robert Kandrik
Siena Kim

Alumni Recognition Award
Greg Hanson
Gordon Crabb

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Airplane flying over a series of red placards with slogans "Defend our Jobs" and "Strike!". A blue s

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Radar Media: White background with two rails crossing over each other.

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Solar Punk: Dig For Victory in the Fight Against Climate Change

The second part in series of opinion articles looking at SolarPunk. This time we are look at what SolarPunk is, as well as the role it has and will play in achieving a sustainable future.