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We are always short on volunteers and need helping hands to run our projects. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

The opportunities vary from administrative roles (Marketing, Fundraising, or Event Management) to project based involvement.

You can add your volunteering experience to your CV and might even get a Student Award for your engagement!

We're always happy to meet up for a chat about what volunteering with Go Green volunteer involves, so send us an e-mail at gogreen@rguunion.co.uk or just a quick message on our Facebook page or Instagram (RGU GoGreen) to let us know about your interest.


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As a member you can join all of our events and volunteer with us in the roles listed below. After signing up as a member, please email us your preferred role to gogreen@rguunion.co.uk

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Volunteering Roles


Events Management Volunteer

If you like to oversee and organize events that will make an impact to our target audience, don't hesitat to join our events team! You'll ensure that everything we organise is successful and cost-effective, paying attention to budget and time constraints. We would love to see enthusiastic candidates with fresh ideas.



Being part of our finance team means you'll be keeping track of our spending and organise fundraising events. This will improve your financial management skills



You will act as a liaison, replying to emails and document minutes during our annual general meeting (one a year). Another responsibility is making sure everybody is registered with the Union and organising the list of members.


Marketing Volunteer

You are creative and have a passion for social media? Then become one of our content creators. By joining our team, you'll help to spread the word about environmental topics by:

  • writing descriptions for events and the weekly Bulletin
  • preparing and sending email newsletters
  • creating content for our social media pages



Bikepad mechanic

The role of BikePad mechanic is to keep as many bikes on the road as possible, fixing up donations and helping to feed them into the steadily growing fleet of bikes for hire. So if you would like a hands on opportunity - no-matter what your current level of competency - to learn maintenance and repair skills BikePad is the place. BikePad is a great place to work within a team, have fun and employ creative thinking.


Bike Hire Support

If you have a flare for organisation and administration this role is  for you! Skills to be gained include working with a budget, project planning, IT literacy and as with every area of GoGreen, teamwork!


Kaim Shop

Shop Assistant

As a Kaim Shop Assistant you spend time in the shop and explain the project to visitors, helping them look around and answering their questions! You weigh donated items and display them nicely. We work with a huge variety of donations from pots and pans to DVDs, books and clothes so if you enjoy putting together outfits and processing our donations, Kaim is the place to gain some experience curating! This role will provide you with visual merchandising and PR experience as well as learning about the environmental benefits of the circular economy.

No experience necessary for this job, but a creative flare curating disparate items and a sociable manner with the participating student community would be great!



Due to the nature of our free shop we get a lot of donations! As the Kaim Shop Administrator you will help input weighing data into our Excel sheet, helping to calculate how many tons of goods we have saved from landfill whilst enhancing your carbon literacy skills! 


Workshop Leader

Working with donated items means we get a huge variety of donations in various states of age and quality. Some items are worn beyond the use that they were intended for but, given our zero waste aspirations we are on the lookout for creative volunteers to come up with repurposing ideas that reuse and recycle old goods, reducing our environmental impact. As a Workshop Leader you will host creative workshops focused on these goals, helping others acquire the skills to find new uses for old things.

So if you would like to gain some workshop/teaching experience or knowledge in creative project design we would love to have you! You can run your own workshops or equally if you're already a confident designer/maker we would love to showcase your work.


Climate Action Network

Do you have good connections to passionate speakers or experts? Do you want to educate others about the climate crisis? Or do you want to run a campaign and need support? Together we can achieve more!

To get involved become a member and message us on the CAN Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/GoGreenCAN



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