President: Gillian Barron

Our society aims to create and nurture a community for like-minded individuals who belive in educating and fighting for equality of all genders. We hope to raise and discuss this issue within RGU and beyond in outside communities. The society will also celebrate the accomplishments of people, organisations or movements who fight to bridge the gap of inequality. Our ultimate goal is to bring forth ideas and persuasive arguments and events to achieve equality for all no matter their sex, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, age, class or religion.


Top stories from Radar

The Mueller Report: What it Said, and What it Didn’t

A couple weeks ago, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his report on President Trump’s ties with Russia and obstruction of justice.

First All-Female Spacewalk Cancelled Over Lack of Spacesuits

NASA confirmed plans for the first all-female spacewalk in history was thrown out due to sizing issues of a second space suit.

Speak Up, Speak Out

In school Jasmine used art as a form of escapism. In order to avoid the thrashings from her toxic girlfriend. Jasmine says: “She wasn’t allowed in the art department because she didn’t take the subject. She couldn’t stop me from going there, it was about all she couldn’t stop me from doing.”

Clueless Remake: What We Know so Far

Following recent news, Clueless, a 90s high school chick flick classic, box office smash and cult classic, has been set for a modern remake and the fans of the original movie have shared mixed feelings.