Feminism is not solely a benefit for women, but to all genders.    
Intersectionality is a core part of our society’s belief, we acknowledge the different forms of discrimination in addition to gender based discrimination such as race, age, class, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability, sexual identity, religion, or ethnicity.    
Our goal is to forge trust and understanding between students of diverse backgrounds with similar ideologies. We are committed to ensuring that our society is a warm and welcoming environment to anyone who wishes to join.    
We mostly host casual night outs, book club and occasional themed events such as zine workshops. 

Co-President: Milena Kaeder
Co-President: Areej Rahmani
Secretary: Valerie Vasala   
Book Club host: Mae Diansangu

Regular events include:
Night outs 
Pub crawls  
Book Club 
Karaoke Night 
Bake Sales 
Movie Nights 
Christmas party

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