RGU Dance is a family that welcomes any student or community member that has an interest in dancing regardless of their ability or experience.    
As a club we run fun classes once a week that explore different genres of dance and every member is welcome to attend. In addition to fun classes we also compete in University Dance Competitions where universities from across Scotland and England participate along side us. The current styles of competition dances that we do is Hip hop and Contemporary, however we are expanding and are also look at having a lyrical team.    
At the start of 2020 we took part in 3 dance competitions in St Andrews, Edinburgh and Dundee Universities. We secured the win of 1st place in contemporary, 3rd place Hip hop and we won best costume and best university too.

President: Oleg Swierski
Vice-President: Maisie Morrison
Treasurer: Kiera Dalton
Wellness Ambassador: Kathryn Outran 
Social Media Coordinator: Nicole Henderson 
Social Secretary: Orla Cunningham 
Fundraising Secretary: Taryn Carr 
Hip Hop Choreographer: Lauren Chisholm 
Contemporary Choreographer: Kiera Dalton 
Lyrical Choreographer: Jordaine Learmonth 

Regular events include:
Annual Dance competitions
Regular social events
Regular fundraising events
Weekly dance classes.

TikTok: @rgudance

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