Academic and Social Society of the Postgraduate Law School

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Borne out of the need to close widening gap between postgraduate LLM/OGREL students experience and wider student experience, and determined to creating an engaging, vibrant and fun-filled student community, the LLM/OGREL Students Cohort of the Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, under the mentorship and guidance of the LLM Course Leader, Dr Uche Iloka , established the Academic and Social Council (hereinafter "The Academic and Social Society of the Postgraduate law School") with the following aims and objectives: 

(a) Pursue and achieve academic welfare of the LLM students

(b) Pursue and achieve social welfare of the LLM Students

(c) Promote and achieve professional networking and buddy-up scheme.

The council consists of eight elected members and overseen by the leader .The council meets with all LLM/OGREL students once a month via a non modular conference with Dr Uche Iloka and Dr Leon Moller in attendance

We encourage constructive dialogue, integration, collaboration, and closer contact between our members, the course leader(s), and the entire law school on the one hand and between our members and the university community on the other hand thereby promoting the university community while enhancing co-operation, collaboration, and friendly relations.


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