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Come and join a group of tech-minded students for workshops and fun social events!   
We run study sessions, workshops on a variety of topics, and RGUHack, the largest coding contest of the year. We also have social events throughout the year so you can meet your fellow students.   
Open to anyone with an interest in computers, coding, or tech.   
Membership is £5 and gives you access to our digital platforms, first access to sign up for our workshops, discounts on our annual Computing Ball, and some great tech swag!

Join us on RGUCraft, a Minecraft server tailored for RGU.

President: Jordan Newlands
Vice-President: Pailin Losada
Communcation & Engagement Lead: Enara Abad
Treasurer: Daniel O’Hara
Secretary: Corey Gardner
RGUCraft Lead: Reece Mackie
RGUHack Lead: Rylan Park
3rd Year Representative: Jake McMillan
4th Year Representative: Zoe Venton

Regular events include:
Computing Ball 
Coding Contests




RGUHack is an all-inclusive, free event organised for students by students. Your goal? To code something awesome in just 24 hours. There'll be coding workshops to learn new skills, games, lots of food, swag and tech to use.



RGUCraft is a Minecraft community project at RGU. The project creates a safe community space for like-minded students to build and collaborate on adventures and display their creations.


Computing Ball

The annual Computing Ball is renowned for being the most prestigious event on the student social calendar. Staff, students and guests come together to celebrate the year, while dining and dancing and having fun among friends.



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