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Feminism is not solely a benefit for women, but to all genders. Intersectionality is a core part of our society’s belief, we acknowledge the different forms of discrimination in addition to gender based discrimination such as race, age, class, socioeconomic status, physical or mental ability, sexual identity, religion, or ethnicity. Our goal is to forge trust and understanding between students of diverse backgrounds with similar ideologies. We are committed to ensuring that our society is a warm and welcoming environment to anyone who wishes to join.

In 2020 we co-hosted a 'How To Be An Ally' workshop alongside with RGU's Race Champion. Additionally we raised £310 to help Australian wildlife recover from the devastating forest fires.

Co-President: Valarie Vasala
Co-President: Anna Schult
Treaseurer: Jasmine Ross 

Regular events include:In 2020 - 2021, we hosted various online events such as casual game nights, themed discussion nights with other student groups (such as Black Liberation Network and LGBTQIA+ Network), Book Club, Quizzes and Netflix parties. (See our event highlights on our Instagram!) Pre-Covid we met up at pubs or cafes to talk amongst ourselves and host bake sales to raise money for charity. We also hosted a few karaoke nights, pub crawls, zine workshops and more.

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