Society & club committee members: Activity planning information 2021/22


If you are a Student Activity (society, sports club, student group or network) committee member looking to host an event or activity, please read these FAQs to find out more about what type of events you should run and how the Union can support you with this. 


If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of the Union team (scroll down for contact information). 

As restrictions begin to ease across the country we are working closely with the University and receiving advice from the Scottish Government which is slowly providing some clarity around the type of events and activities that we can organise and promote during Freshers Week and the first semester. We’ll aim to keep you informed on any developments in these areas as often as we can and with as much notice as we can, and hope you’ll understand that any information we provide to you will be based on guidance and advice given to us directly by the University and Government.

There are quite a lot of questions outstanding regarding student events and activities, and there are elements of this which we as a Students’ Union cannot control including the timing and regularity of advice issued, but as we move closer to September we are working with the information that we currently have access to and cautiously starting to pull plans together. Our ultimate aim is to work within any set restrictions to provide as close to as a ‘normal’ Freshers Week as we can, in as safe and secure-a manner as we can. Student safety is our priority, and will direct any decisions that are made and any activities that are planned.


What do we know right now?

  • Freshers Week 2021 will begin on Saturday 11th September, running through until Saturday 18th September.
  • The hours of 9am-12pm on Monday 13th, Wednesday 15th and Friday 17th September have been reserved for academic induction sessions. We will not arrange any Freshers activities during this times, and schools should not schedule any academic sessions outside of these times.
  • Thursday 16th September has been reserved for the annual Freshers Fayre, and no other activities will be scheduled to take place between 9am and 5pm on this day.


What do we not know right now?

  • We are awaiting confirmed guidance around social distancing – ie, where social distancing might still be enforced and whether this will be 1m, 2m or otherwise.
  • We are awaiting confirmed guidance around group sizes

The best way to find out about our latest events is through the Union website at and across our social media profiles @rguunion. If you have an idea for an event and would like the Union’s support, get in touch and we will try our best to help.


Who/how should we contact for more information?

The first point of contact for Student Activities should be the relevant Student President: 

  • Societies and Student Groups: President (Communication and Democracy) 

  • Sports Clubs: President (Sport and Physical Activity) 

  • Networks: President (Education and Welfare) 


The Union points of contact are: 


  • Jordan Moore, President (Sport and Physical Activity) 






  • Gregor Mailer, Union General Manager 

Will the Union office be open?  

Union staff and Student Presidents are currently working remotely during office hours. The easiest way to contact a member of the Union team is via email. As we move towards the first semester there will be a phased return to the office for our staff in line with University and Government safety guidance. Any updates regarding this process and staff availability will be made available on the Union website. 

What expectations does the Union have of Societies?  

The Union expects our societies to continue with their excellent work and efforts by providing a welcoming experience for new and existing student members, as they always have done. We expect each society to participate in our virtual Freshers Fayre, to run (at least) one online welcome activity during Freshers Week, and to continue offering opportunities for student to engage with them and other students who share interests. 

What support will we get for fundraising? 

We will look to support you with fundraising wherever possible, and our team are working hard to identify a preferred digital fundraising solution which can assist with this process. We will inform society committee members of any progress. 

How do we access our finances remotely?  

The Union has invested in a new online finance module that will allow Societies to process expenses through our website. Details of this will be available once the module launches towards the beginning of semester one. Direct bank transfers are now the preferred way for the Union to pay back your expenses claims. 

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