AGM 2023: Motion Summary

Motion results summary from RGU:Union's Annual General Meeting for the academic year 2022-2023.

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Thank you to everyone who signed into our AGM yesterday! It was great to see so many students join us to debate and vote around a number of motions, covering topics such as spaces for mental health, multi-faith facilities, and affordable bus travel for students over 21.

A summary of the motion discussion and voting results can be found below. The Union team will now put plans in place to deliver on these motions, with regular updates to be provided through this website and our social media channels.


Motion 1 – Proposal for solo and dual work pod stations

For: 92%

Against: 8%

Abstain: 0%

Motion passed


Motion 2 – Spaces for mental health, relaxation and wellness

For: 86%

Against: 7%

Abstain: 7%

Motion passed


Motion 3 – Multi-faith facilities

For: 77%

Against: 14%

Abstain: 9%

Motion passed


Motion 4 – Support the ‘divest from fossil fuels’ campaign

For: 82%

Against: 10%

Abstain: 8%

Motion passed


Motion 5 – Increase RGU accommodation provision for families

For: 91%

Against: 2%

Abstain: 7%

Motion passed


Motion 6 – Affordable bus travel for students over 21

For: 93%

Against: 2%

Abstain: 5%

Motion passed


Motion 7 – Insufficient allocation of student parking permits

For: 60%

Against: 22%

Abstain: 18%

Motion passed


Total attendance at the meeting was 121


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