Christmas Eve Eve Party 2022

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Last semester, RGU Union hosted a selection of festive events, one of which being the Christmas Eve Eve Party. Christmas is a special time of the year for many, and it is typically a time to show love and be thankful to family and friends. The festive period is normally spent with family and loved ones, and we were aware that some of our students were going be alone during this time, so, RGU:Union saw the need to bring them together for a fun time before Christmas!

Check out what the students who attended the events had to say below:

The Party was nice because when you are far away from family, it is special to enjoy Christmas party in your university. Thank you for a fun time and lunch, the hosts were really kind.

Maryam Eghdam

This event was filled with a lot of happy people all around, pizza and drinks were available. The people that turned up had fun.

Pop Khali

I had a wonderful time at the Christ Eve Eve Party. I met new people, played games. The games were the most fun part of the party for me. It was worth it.

Kenny Rufai

The party was amazing, the food, the games, everything I enjoyed. I had an opportunity to make new friends. A big shout out to the RGU:Union team for organizing the event.

Sudeesh Kooloth Valapil

The hangout was fun all the way. A party cannot go wrong with music, jovial people, food and drinks.

Chidinma D.J

The best Christmas Party anyone could ask for. The fun was unlimited. Kudos to the RGU:Union Team.

Daniel Adewusi


Omozele Olotu
7:42pm on 17 Jan 23 The party was very lively .....I attended with my daughter and we had so much fun .
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