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My journey at RGU started back in 2020 when I began studying the Digital Marketing undergraduate course. When I applied for the course, the opportunity of a 6- or 12-week placement stood out to me as I was greatly interested in gaining first-hand experience in a digital marketing environment. My start to university life was not the most traditional with my first year being taught entirely online due to the pandemic. Second year was similar, with the introduction of some classes on campus. When I started the first semester of third year, everything was taught on campus, and I was in 4 days a week. The RGU riverside campus and the university environment was something I really enjoyed and looked forward to. When it came time to apply for second semester placements, the RGU:Union placement opportunity stood out to me. I was very interested in working with this team as I knew this would allow me to continue experiencing the university environment, whilst obtaining skills and experience in an established organisation.

My role within RGU:Union has revolved mainly around content creation for the Union’s social media platforms. This has included filming and editing content for the AGM, Student Elections, Granite City, and various campus and Union focused videos. A main project I have been involved in is co-producing a new series called ‘Conversations on Campus’ where we spoke to students on campus about fun and interesting topics. These topics ranged from “What women inspire you?” to “Where is your favourite study spot on campus?”. Additionally, I have been involved in other activities such as writing content for the Union’s by-weekly email newsletter, research for the Union’s rebranding project, carrying out a website audit, and controlling live streams of events such as the AGM. These activities have allowed me to express my creativity, gain a deeper understanding of digital marketing activities, and learn essential skills that will be important for a career in this field. The tasks I have been involved in have encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone by conversing with people across different stages of university life which has greatly increased my confidence and interpersonal skills. 

Through my 12 week placement I have gained a solid understanding of RGU:Union’s involvement in student university life and how important their services and support are to those studying at Robert Gordon University. The placement has allowed me to put my previously learnt academic theory into practice, whilst learning and obtaining new digital marketing skills. Working alongside the Union staff and current Executive Committee has been very valuable, and I am very grateful for the experience I have had.


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