Presidents' Blog - End of Year Message

Edward Pollock

President (Communication and Democracy)

We made it! It's the end of the academic year, is it just me or has time flown by? This past year, it has been my privilege to work on your behalf as President (Communication and Democracy). I have had an unbelievable experience and met so many new people, and worked on some amazing projects.

Whether that is fighting for improvements to First Bus, or raising awareness of study space, or developing social space outside RGU:Union, or fighting for microwaves I have been working as hard as I can to respond to your feedback and make the changes you want to see. Further to this, I've been launching new projects and campaigns, such as the national award-winning Safe Taxi Scheme, or Live Right Campaign and Housing Fair.

I've been doing a huge amount to make sure that students are at the heart of changes at RGU and are partners at every stage of decision making at RGU. It's been a very busy year with event week in, week out, and I am delighted to be returning as your President from 2016/17 for what will be another super exciting year. There are plenty of big changes and new projects coming up, including a huge development outside RGU:Union and a brand new officer team!

I want to wish you all a fantastic summer, and for any student graduating this year, all the best for the future, remember you will always be a part of the #RGUFamily! Thanks for all of your support this year, and remember, you are always welcome to get in touch! See you all in Freshers!


Yvonne Ofordu

President (Education and Welfare)

Hi guys,  thank you so much for having me  as your President (Education and Welfare) for the last six months. I would just like to say a few words as we are rounding up the academic year, and what a year it has been!

This year, behind the scenes, I went on the behalf of our students seeing how we could enhance the level of training given to our class reps. As a class rep myself I know there are gaps in the process and we are in the midst of change and improvement. 

I worked with the library management to see how we better facilitate the needs of students and who need the library. As a result of this we are looking at ways to increase the library services and opening times. The library is the heart of the student experience. 

And lastly, I have worked with Anna MacIver to try and abolish lad culture on and around RGU. Please guys, as we go off on holiday please remember what you do as a student in RGU still stays with you. Stop and think before you act. We have created the "Courageous women" campaign to educate and empower women to be the best they possibly can be. The sky is the limit. 

Thank you for nominating me and standing behind me to be your sabbatical officer, President (Education and Welfare) 2016.  I've loved every moment of it. Please always remember the union is here to listen and represent the voices of the students. 


GianPiero Franchi

President (Sport and Physical Activity)


My time of being Sports President is over, and what a time it has been.

When I started I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 33 clubs, 46 teams and 1414 members all depending on me, in some shape or form. It was a challenge and pleasure, from the very start my first job was to chose my SPAT team (Sport & Physical Activity Team) an unfortunate acronym. From all the applicants who applied, 10 members to help me in my duties, and credit where it is due, were the glue that held the bigger picture together, thanks guys. Applications are now open for this year team.

Each club has a Club President and committee, a variety of people so passionate and enthusiastic about their sport it made me what to try everything! So my first act as president was to create a all club fitness session to try and support our athletes, only problem was, it was on the night before our first fixtures. The first Wednesday of the year and RGU lost in nearly every sport, and not by a small margin either. I was caking myself, imagine being the only every Sports President who somehow managed to get every team relegated. Thankfully it was only a blip and the fitness session proved to be a great success with over a 100 people attending each week and our clubs finally started winning!

When the season started life as a Sabbatical Officer flies by between booking buses , re-arranging fixtures , booking training venues, match venues and of course Attending the social aspects of the student experience, fundraisers etc..  It ends up at Christmas and you’ve barely had time to blink.

The second semester was just as manic, Baby Blues hosting 600 people with fixtures going thick and fast it was the last day of the season before I even noticed, 4 RGU League victories and 3 finalists at Conference Cup Finals day, with the Volleyball club both men and women sealing a cup triumph. The week after that was Granite City  and we battled hard, RGU having only won the competition once before the odds were stacked against us, and this year we fought for every point and only lost by 2 points in what was a extremely exciting day all round, and a outstanding example of student sport in action. When I announced the result to institute night club, I would not of thought that a nightclub could go from so quite, intensely listening, to the roar of anger and happiness that followed.

To close my year what better way than Blues Ball, Recognising all our outstanding athletes and thanking all the people who make RGU Sports Clubs work, I am sure that Katherine Corbett will do a outstanding job in the year to come and I encourage you to get involved in one of our clubs, it may just be the best decision of your University career, as it was for me 5 long years ago. As I move onto pastures new, I will never forget all I have achieved here, friends I’ve made , things I’ve learned and things I’ve taught to others. I am RGU and I’m part of something bigger #theFamily      


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