President's Blog - What have I been up to?

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I cannot believe we are already into December 2016. Where has the time gone? It's been a really busy and exciting few months, and I've been working on some really exciting projects and obviously representing students views. As the year draws to an end, I wanted to post up an easy summary of all of my key objectives, where I am at with them, and allow you to clearly know how I am working on your behalf. The best way to know what I've been doing is to watch my monthly messages:


November 2016 Monthly Message


October 2016 Monthly Message


Update on Objectives

  • Stronger Representation - to introduce 'Student Voice'

Student Voice is now up and running, with the second meeting happening this week. I've developed branding and a webpage with all of the information about how students can raise their views, and put forward ideas. This has seen a wide range of exciting new ideas being raised. I think the next priorities is to increase attendance, improve awareness, get more ideas submitted and further embed the new system. I shall also aim to further develop and increase attendance at the Annual General Meeting, which will act as the third Student Voice of the year.

  • Understand Your Union - to improve communications

We worked hard at the start of the year to attend almost every first year induction and get the message about the Union out as much as possible. We created a video induction for distance learning students, and a 'Congrats on Results' video which was viewed over 14,000 times to welcome new students. We have also put up our strategic plan on the walls outside the Union. We launched a distance learning e-newsletter called Connected, and have continued to use social media to increase awareness of the Union. 

  • More Social Space - to launch Union Way

Delighted that Union Way is now launched with our new Deeview Student Store, meeting space and Terrace social area. It's been an incredibly exciting development and I've been working to get a piano, getting the space launched and ready.

  • Support on Housing - to launch the 'Live Right Campaign'

Initial work on the Live Right website is well underway. I've been getting legal advice and external support to make sure the project will run smoothly. Last semester we held our first ever Housing Fair, which will take place again this year. I've been working on a Don't Rush to Rent campaign to promote the campaign, and will continue to do work on the website and get features such as the Ratings platform launched next semester. 

  • Sustainable Student Media - to enhance training for media

We held our first Media Committee Training session and have been working on a cmprehensive accredited Radio training project. I have been working with the heads of each media to make sure they have a plan to train members and keep media going. 

  • Active Partners in the Community - to build strong links

I have attended a number of community meetings and worked with Garthdee on issues such as buses and parking to try and improve community relations.

  • Leadership - to build and pilot a leadership programme

I've done some exciting brainstorming and planning for a comprehensive leadership programme of extra curricular activities. We have made initial outline for the program and have hired student interns to help pull all the elements together. I'll be working on developing skills matrixes and opportunity profiles for various roles to try and identify where RGU:Union can help students develop key skills to be better leaders in the future.

  • Partnership - to improve partnership culture in new schools

Worked to develop a brand for 'Partnership at RGU' and launch an 'Achieved in Partnership' strand to raise awareness of how students raise feedback to the university. We are going to be doing more publicity and promotion of partnership activities. I have also met with some Heads of School to improve partnership activities and increase awareness of the Union. 

  • Events - to support, organise and develop events

Attended and hosted a wide range of events from Freshers to Give It A Go Week to One RGU Many Natins. Currently working on initial plans for Refreshers, Student Achievement Awards Ball and Graduation Ball. 

  • Strategy - to develop and embed a new strategic framework

Developed a new Operational Report for the Union, and developed the strategic plan and engaged officers and staff to embed the new process.


Monthly Reports

The following are my reports from my activities this year:




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