RGU Physiotherapy Society - Events Update

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RGU Physiotherapy Society have been up to some amazing things over the course of this year, from fun social events to engaging educational ones. Co-presidents Susannah & Lola have given us the low down on some of their events below.

Sports Taping and Strapping Course – October 2022 

23 physiotherapy students from the society attended this in person continuous professional development (CPD) event taking place on campus at RGU. SportTape are an external company that we collaborated with to organise this 8 hour event involving the essential theory and practical elements of sports taping and strapping. Students who attended received a CPD certificate, sports tape and a course booklet. £2 from each ticket we sold for this event went to our chosen charity, The Archie Foundation, to help towards reaching our fundraising target. This event sold out and was a great turn out from students where we also received very positive feedback.

Pizza social event at RGU Union – February 2023 

We recently ran an event in the RGU union space which offered free pizza to RGU Physiotherapy students. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet people and connect with the commonality of studying physiotherapy. This event coincided with the start of the Pre-registration masters physiotherapy course starting in January, so this was a great chance to meet some of these students. We really enjoyed using the RGU Union space and meeting some new and familiar faces over delicious pizza! 

Rheumatology Online Talk – February 2023 

A rheumatology specialist working as a physiotherapist in the NHS kindly ran a free online talk for society members. This talk counted as continuous professional development (CPD) for physiotherapy students in all years and gave us all a great insight into the amazing and specialist work that rheumatology physiotherapists can do in an outpatient clinic setting. We had around 20 students attend this talk from various year groups and had the opportunity to do a question and answer session at the end of the online talk.  



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