SAA Ball - A Smashing Night

RGU:Union's annual Student Achievement Awards Ball took place on Friday night, which a wide range of groups and individuals being rewarded for their hard work over the last 12 months.

One Friday 25th of March, we celebrated the 2016 Student Achievement Awards with a ball at the Marriott Hotel in Dyce. As always, it was a lively evening, with the awards presentation the centrepiece of a packed evening of food, recognition and entertainment.

The awards involve both groups and individuals who are nominated by their peers and the recipients are decided upon by a panel from RGU:Union. It's a chance to reward all the amazing extra-curricular work undertaken by RGU students during the last 12 months, where societies have gone from strength-to-strength with over 1600 members, and our students have chalked up more than 15,000 volunteering hours.

Of the headline awards, effervescent RAG Chair Marty McGouran needed to book a van to get all his trinkets home, scooping Volunteer of the Year, a Full Scarlet Award, an Officer Award, a Student Contribution and Involvement Award and a certificate for a staggering, record-smashing 1400 volunteering hours. This also set a new record for the most occurrences of the word 'award' in a single sentence, representing a career low-point for this article's turgid author. Presumably overloaded with silverware, Marty did at least leave his suit jacket at the venue, by way of an exchange.

Gaming Society President Amy McNellis was the only other recipient of the coveted Full Scarlet; an award which, contrary to popular belief, is not named after 60s superhero puppet Captain Scarlet, although she is every bit the superhero herself. Amy also collected a main course of Society Person of the Year for the second time in 3 years, with a certificate for 500 volunteering hours for dessert.

In the Group Awards, the Language Society took the Society of the Year trophy, while the Gaming Society was given the award for Continued Excellence and Consistency for ten brillaint years as a society. ESN followed up on last year's Society of the Year award by picking up the Student Engagement Award, only to put it back down again much too quickly. But at least they had a cracking night.

Thanks to our sponsors - ACVO and Christine Buchanan - and to everyone who came along. Special thanks to Shona Cormack for presenting the awards and for winning Heads and Tails (I believe she donated her winnings to the night's charity cause), and also thanks DJ Greg Hanson, who organised not just the music but also an incredible lighting set-up for the evening. We trust everyone had a great night - the evidence suggests they did - and we look forward to running the event again next year as it's always one of our favourite nights of the year.

There were too many awards to include everyone in one article, so below are all the winners.

Photos will follow next week and congratulations to all the winners!

Group awards:

Society of the Year - Language Society

Award for Continued Excellence and Consistency - Gaming Society

Academic Society of the Year - Diagnotic Radiography (D-Radz)

New Society of the Year - Jewish Society (Jsoc)

Most Improved Society of the Year - Photography Society

Most Improved Academic Society of the Year  - Business Society

Special Recognition Award - RGU RAG and RGU Nightline

Volunteering Project of the Year - RGU:TV Stay Safe

Community Ambassador Award - Dumbledore's Army

Student Leadership Award - IHI Patient Safety Chapter

Student Engagement Award - ESN RGU

Student Voice Award - LGBT+ Society

Media Group of the Year - RGU:Radio


Individual Awards:

Volunteer of the Year - Marty McGouran

Society Person of the Year - Amy McNellis

Full Scarlet  - Marty McGouran

Full Scarlet  - Amy McNellis

Half Scarlet with Distinction - Rebecca Lloyd

Half Scarlet with Distinction - Lewis Eden

Half Scarlet with Distinction - Tom Sadler

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence - Charlotte Rigden

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence - Ellen Laird

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence - Hilary Scott

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence - Joanna MacQueen

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence - Kerry Harrison

Half Scarlet With Continued Excellence - Louis Currie

Half Scarlet - Amy Duncan

Half Scarlet - Bethan Coady

Half Scarlet - Emma Diamond

Half Scarlet - Gemma Loudon

Half Scarlet - Karen Mitchell

Half Scarlet - Karl Johnson

Half Scarlet - Lodovica Avidano

Half Scarlet - Lucy Moffat

Half Scarlet - Steven Hair

Recognition - Amy Gregor

Recognition - Andreea Gabriela Alexa

Recognition - Andrew Coulter

Recognition - Annaelle Harris

Recognition - Arham Aziz

Recognition - Bolun Tang

Recognition - Charlotte Blair

Recognition - Chris Burnett

Recognition - Christopher Cowie

Recognition - Craig Stewart

Recognition - Dale Sutherland

Recognition - Duncan Bell

Recognition - Edith Dinkpa

Recognition - Hristina Dimitrova

Recognition - Jemma Tansley

Recognition - Laura-Anne Riach

Recognition - Lydia Man

Recognition - Rory Wemyss

Recognition - Ryan O'Grady

Recognition - Sarah-Jane Reilly

Recognition - Sarah Nwinee

Recognition - Sophie Dolderer

Certificate - Calhounnah Bain

Certificate - Caroline Orr

Certificate - Lewis Copland

Certificate - Miriam Hogg

Certificate - Owen Clark

Certificate - Rebecca Taylor

Certificate - Robert Kandrik

Certificate - Siena Kim

Alumni Recognition Award - Greg Hanson

Alumni Recognition Award - Gordon Crabb



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