Student Achievement Awards 2020: The Winners

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The Student Achievement Awards is RGU:Union's annual celebration of the outstanding work and commitment of student volunteers, societies and groups. 

We were unable to meet in person to present this year’s awards, so instead these exciting announcements took place live across our website and social media. Re-watch the full stream below, an edited version will be available to view very soon.

We are delighted to announce the winners of this year's individual and group awards:

Society & Group Awards & Trophies

  • Society of the Year - RGU Racing
  • Academic Society of the Year - Computing Society
  • Continued Excellence & Consistency Award - Physiotherapy Society
  • New Society of the Year - Pole Dance Society
  • Student Group of the Year - Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  • Media Group of the Year - Radar Magazine
  • Volunteering Project of the Year - RGU Peer Support
  • Most Improved Student Group - RGU Peer Support
  • Most Improved Society - Drama Society
  • Most Improved Academic Society - Creative & Cultural Business Society
  • Student Engagement Award - IPE Society

Individual Awards & Trophies

  • Student Leadership Award - Victoria Saint
  • Student Voice Award - Charlotte Little
  • Community Ambassador Award - Areej Rahmani
  • Volunteer of the Year - Erin Allen
  • Society Person of the Year - Michael Dow
  • Freshers Team Member of the Year - Radina Atanasova

Full Scarlet Awards

  • Irina-Cristina Bogdan
  • Erin Gilmour
  • Ross Leven
  • Lauren Taylor
  • Sam Thiesen

Half Scarlet with Distinction

  • Alessandro Favaro
  • Martha Gilmore
  • Jolan Hegedus
  • Lyall Mackenzie
  • Victoria Saint
  • Hollie Smith
  • Vivien Yu
  • Michael Dow

Half Scarlet with Continued Excellence

  • Rebecca Anderson
  • Eilis Cusack
  • Kelsey Drummond
  • Sarah Jack
  • Michele Kee
  • Mhairi McLellan
  • Ifechukwu Okwuosa
  • Maria Popescu
  • Philip Tremmel
  • Laura Watchman

Half Scarlet Award

  • Erin Allan
  • Saoirse Brennan
  • Gioia Brogioni
  • Nina Dave
  • Gemma Henderson
  • Katherine Jarvis
  • Milena Kaeder
  • Amy Lean
  • Monika Lis
  • Rachel McLoughlin
  • Claire Milnes
  • Asker Nymand
  • Rachael O'Donnell
  • Martin O'Donnell
  • Ribh O'Neill
  • Helena Paterson
  • Areej Rahmani
  • Lorna Robertson
  • Jade Robertson
  • Catriona Ross
  • Willem Ross
  • Olivia Samuelsson
  • George Shelton-Eckstein
  • Joanna Swan
  • Gabriela Uzunova
  • Claire Vigot
  • Caitlin Vogt
  • Jia Yi Nerissa Leong

Recognition Award

  • Darragh Bourke
  • Dean Brooks
  • Alan Camon
  • Sergio Castillo Morales
  • Gemma Catton
  • Ryan Chan
  • Lewis Clarke
  • Mae Diansangu
  • Anna Dryden
  • Lorina Dupuy
  • Pascale Frei
  • Erin Gordon
  • Teresa Hammer
  • Lauren Ironside
  • Kate Jones
  • Teodora Jossifova
  • Joy Kennedy
  • Aksel Klinkby
  • Nikola Kostov
  • Giada La Vite
  • Shaun Lennon
  • Roman MacKenzie
  • Conor Madden
  • Paisley McGale
  • Aoife McNeill
  • Sophie Nelson
  • Jenni Robertson
  • Rose Ross
  • Robert Russell
  • Caitlin Spankie
  • Anca Tomescu
  • Quentin Vidberg
  • Cledwyn Viegas
  • Nicola Will
  • Felicity Wong
  • Sophie Zur Wickern
  • Megan Kerr

Certificate of Student Achievement

  • Andrew Bannerman
  • Vicky Barclay
  • Carla Beattie
  • Aidan Colquhoun
  • Angela Cran
  • Anna Fitzpatrick
  • Emma Good
  • Veronika Grafova
  • Jen Grant
  • Maja Huebers
  • Maeve Keogh
  • Hannah Levin
  • Ayusha Logarajah
  • Iona Mackay
  • Taylor Maitland
  • Nadia Mathers
  • Josephine Morgan
  • Skye Parlane
  • Emma Ross
  • Gemma Scott
  • Jack Sears
  • Gorzata Slawinska
  • Mika Smith
  • Cameron Taylor
  • Valerie Vasala


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