Student Achievement Awards 2024 - Individual & Group Award Shorlist

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Thank you to everyone who put in nominations for the Student Achievement Awards Ball 2024! There has been outstanding work done over the past year by students and groups which improve the experience of students studying at RGU. The panel has reviewed all the nominations and created a shortlist of those who are nominated for awards. The Student Achievement Awards Ball is also an opportunity for RGU:Union to recognise those volunteers who have contributed a great number of hours for the benefit of others. Congratulations to everyone who has been shortlisted and goodluck!

The winners of these awards will be announced on Saturday 30th March 2024 at our annual awards ceremony, the Student Achievement Awards Ball. Get your tickets here.

Individual Certificate & Award Shortlist:

Abbey Hill

Abigayle Morrison

Alee Akie

Alexander Navarro De Paz

Amelia Qureshi

Amy Reid

Andrea Thomson

Andrew Turner

Angus Johnston

Anna Brennan

Anna Reid

Anya Munro

Aoibhinn Gallagher

Aoife O'Neill

Aria Chahal

Arvind Karaimangat

Balqees Al-Badri

Caitlin Stewart

Catherine McAskie

Chioma Onyefuosaonu

Donal Bremner

Elle Robertson

Emily Burns

Emily Kidd

Emma Gunn

Enara Abad

Enya Reinecken

Eoin Look-Tong

Eva Nemethova

Eva Ojediran

Ewan Bell

Fergus Clifton

Francis Crawford

Gemmery Diamanti

Gina Muller

Giovanni Debei

Grace Paul-Egbedi

Hannah Chisholm

Iona Dolan

Joanne Laing

Joanne Sutherland

Jordan Newlands

Joyce O'Toole

Kate Sutherland

Katie McManus

Katrin Bonke

Kieron Baxter

Kirsty Melville

Lauren Webster

Liam Mulcahy

Louise McPherson

Lucy Stephen

Maeve Joyce

Maeve Scott

Marwa Naeem

Max Fraser

Mel Colquhoun

Mhairi Harper

Milly Watt

Nikitta Fox

Olanrewaju Basil Amusan

Oritsetemi Nkebakwu

Orla O'Brien

Owen Anderson

Pascal Fischer

Roisin Kelly

Ruth Scarry

Sandra Bakinowska

Sarah Purser

Seth Odei Asare

Shavonne Connor

Siobhan O'Reilly

Thalia Tochukwu

Uyiosa Igbinigie

Viduni Jayasinghe Arachchige

Wendy Chihi

Zsofia Horvath

Partnership Award:

Nicole Mackintosh
Jaime McPherson
Agnes Margaret Balogun
Johnson Ayomikun Oshodi
Chioma Onyefuosaonu
Emmanuella Goodnews
Paul Fosizi Obayayi
Raymond Anonyai
Iro Karanika
Melanie Colquhoun
Sangita Bhandari
Angel Kosisochukwu Eze

ResLife Assistant of the Year:

Angel  Eze
Julia  Licbarska
Tapiwanashe Faith  Gova
David  Coom
Thomas  Wright


Academic Society of the Year:

Academic Supply Chain Society

Computing Society

Paramedic Society

Pharmacy Society

Physiotherapy Society


Non-Academic Society of the Year:

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Gaming Society

Nigerian Student Society

Uni Boob Team (UBT)

Most Improved Society:

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres Society

Paramedic Society


New Society of the Year: 

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Society

Kpop Society

Pakistan Society


Volunteering Project of the Year:

Boobie Bingo (UBT)

Kaim Shop (Go Green)

RGU Hack (Computing Society)


Student Engagement Award:

Computing Society

Drama Society

Gaming Society

Nigerian Student Society


Student Group of the Year:

Go Green


Peer Support

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