Student Elections 2022: President of Communication & Democracy

Following the Student Election 2022 voting and campaigning period the Union was unable to announce the result of the President (Communication & Democracy) election due to an active investigation into complaints received regarding the campaign of a candidate for this role.

This process has now concluded and the result of the election for President (Communication & Democracy) can be announced:

Complaints investigation
The complaints investigation followed the procedures outlined in the Union's Elections, Complaints, and Discipline Regulations, and upon completion the Returning Officer, an independent representative from the National Union of Students, issued a disqualification to candidate Princess Ukanwa.

The matter was then referred to the Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University, and an external review requested. This saw an independent person undertake an investigation into the Union's compliance with complaints, discipline and appeals regulations. Following the outcome of the independent review, the Returning Officer's ruling was upheld, the disqualification stands and Princess Ukanwa's candidacy was withdrawn.

Additional information
Candidate Greg Millar requested that their candidacy be withdrawn from the election process.

Congratulations to all winners in this year's Student Election process, and thank you to all candidates for their participation and enthusiasm.

The Union also wishes to recognise the candidates competing for the President (Communication & Democracy) role, specifically for the patience and understanding displayed while the investigation and review procedures took place. Thank you.



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