Introducing your new Student Presidents

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This month is a very exciting one as we welcome our new Student Presidents into their roles. Student Presidents are here to ensure all RGU students have a voice and are getting the best student experience possible, they do this by working closely with the university on issues that affect your student experience.

In March you elected three new Student Presidents to work full-time for the Students' Union, representing you, lets learn some more about them!


Suzanna Bamigbola, President (Communication & Democracy) 

Suzanna is from Nigeria but now lives here in Aberdeen, she is a student parent who has experienced balancing family life while studying her degree in Oil, Gas & Renewable Energy Law. In her term representing you Suzanna hopes to improve communication, keeping you more informed about what the Union is up to. Additionally, Suzanna will be working on ensuring all students from all nationalities and backgrounds feel welcomed, represented, and celebrated on campus.

Follow Suzanna on Instagram @rgu_prescd, Facebook or Twitter, contact her via email ( or visit her in our offices (ABS, level 5)


Funmi Akinoso, President (Education & Welfare) 

Funmi is an international Information Technology student from Nigeria who has previously volunteered as Vice President (International) as well as being School Officer for School of Computing. This year Funmi is focussed on supporting both student welfare and also your educational experience, she intends to do this through oganising study groups where students can provide peer-to-peer support while improving their learning experience. Additionally, Funmi would like to develop ongoing feedback opportunities for all RGU students so you can easily let us know how we can improve your student life. 

Follow Funmi on Instagram @rgu_presew_, Facebook or Twitter, contact her via email ( or visit her in our offices (ABS, level 5)


Joel Adebanjo, President (Sport & Physical Activity) 

Joel is also studying Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy Law at RGU. Originally from Nigeria, Joel is an avid sportsman and has been part of the Students' Union through his role as Vice President (Sport) last year as well as taking part in our football club. Joel is really passionate about sport and is commited to increasing physical activity participation across campus so you all have more opportunities to get active, stay healthy and make new friends. 

Follow Joel on Instagram @rgu_presspa, Facebook or Twitter, contact him via email ( or you can find him in RGU:Sport.


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