Granite City Challenge 2023

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Granite City Challenge is the annual Varsity day between Robert Gordon University and the University of Aberdeen.

Taking place at the University of Aberdeen on Wednesday 22 March this year, make sure to come down to support and cheer on your fellow students. There will be mini-games, food, and drink, so everyone can get involved on the day! The results of the day will be announced at Revolution and Elphinstone Hall at 7pm. We hope to see you there and supporting RGU!

Can't make it in person to the events? Tune into the live stream here.

Check out the programme of events below:

Event Location Start  End
Mixed Swimming 50m Pool 12:15 14:00
Men's Waterpolo 25m Pool  13:15 14:30
Women's Waterpolo 25m Pool  14:45 16:00
Event Location Start  End
Cricket  Sports Hall 08:45 10:00
Mixed Badminton Sports Hall 10:15 13:30
Men's Volleyball  Sports Hall 10:15 12:30
Women's Volleyball Sports Hall 10:15 12:30
Women's Netball  Sports Hall 12:45 14:30
Mixed Trampolining  Sports Hall 14:15 16:00
Men's Basketball  Sports Hall 14:45 16:30
Women's Basketball  Sports Hall 16:45 18:30
Event Location Start  End
Mixed Weightlifting  Weights Area  10:15 15:00
Mixed Indoor Athletics Indoor Athletics Area 12:15 13:30
Women's Hockey  ASV Hockey  13:15 15:00
Mixed Squash  Squash Courts 14:05 17:10
Mixed Outdoor Athletics Outdoor Athletics Area 14:15 16:00
Men's Hockey ASV Hockey 15:15 17:00
Event Location Start  End
Women's Rugby  King's Pitches  13:00 15:00
Men's Rugby  King's Pitches  15:30 17:30
Event Location Start  End
Men's Tennis  Tennis Courts  12:45 14:45
Women's Tennis Tennis Courts 15:15 17:15
Event Location Start  End
Mixed Kickboxing  GP Hall 10:30 12:30
Men's Football  Hillhead Grass Pitches  12:30 15:00
Boxing  GP Hall  13:00 15:00
Women's Football  Hillhead Grass Pitches  15:30 18:00
Event Location Start  End
Equestrian  Hayfield Equestrian Centre  09:30 13:00
Climbing  RGU SPORT Climbing Wall  13:00 16:00
Rifle Denwood Target Shooting Centre 13:00 17:00
Gymnastics  Aberdeen Gymnastics Centre  13:30 15:30
Golf Royal Aberdeen Golf Course 13:30 18:30
Event Location Start  End
Enterprise Graduate Placement Opportunities King's Pitches  10:00 17:00
Lacrosse Friendly Mixed Game King's Pitches  10:00 12:00
Boccia Elphinstone Hall  10:00 12:30
Smoothie Bike Elphinstone Hall  10:00 13:00
Mini Games: Spikeball, kanJam etc King's Pitches 12:00 18:00
American Football Mini Games King's Pitches 12:00 14:00
Aberdeen Football Club King's Pitches 13:00 16:00
Dance Society Elphinstone Hall  12:30 13:30
Cheerleading  Elphinstone Hall  13:30 16:00
Archery Tag King's Pitches 14:00 17:00
Lacrosse Shooting Competition King's Pitches 15:00 16:00
eSports & Gaming Soc  Elphinstone Hall  16:00 18:00
Social Tennis King's Tennis 17:15 18:30
Results Announcement Revolution + Elphinstone Hall 19:00  



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