Aberdeen mother launches Emergency Carer Packs program

An Aberdeen mother and carer launches a new program to help carers and children with disabilities.

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Jude Scofield is the manager of Rainbow Rogues, a charity for the supporting families of pre-school children, and has launched the new ‘Emergency Carer Packs’ program this Tuesday.  

Ms Scofield who is the carer of her daughter created the idea as she often worries about what would happen to her in the case of an accident.  

According to the project, volunteers will distribute the pack free to local carers at various locations in Aberdeenshire over the next upcoming weeks. Ms Jude explained the packs will be placed in locations such as schools for children with special needs, libraries and any others where carers are likely to be.  

Thanks to the Morrison Foundation, Rainbow Rogues had the funds to print 300 packs. Ms Scofield hopes to distribute all of them.  

Each pack includes an instruction leaflet and two emergency cards, one for the carer and one for the cared person. Each individual is asked to keep their card on their person at all times. The packs also contain information sheets for two emergency contacts. The carer should give each sheet to a designated person who will secure them. 

The packs ensure that if something happens to the carer first responders will know they are carers. First responders will then be able to make suitable arrangements for the cared person. Also, in the case of the cared person being involved in an incident, first responders will be able to contact the carer or the emergency contacts thanks to the card.  

Ms Scofield said that just having this card on her and knowing her daughter has one too gives her “peace of mind”. She said the carer’s packs offer a backup in the case the worst was to happen.  

She also said they are aware all the contact information can be stored on smartphones but people may not know how to access them in some cases. With the “Emergency Carer Pack’s” they hope to offer an easier alternative.  

Individuals and organisations can also request a pack prior to the distribution by contacting hello@rainbowrogues.orgs.uk and a helpful video with more information about the cards is on: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1m0I407wIDw&feature=youtu.be  


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