Alex Salmond inquiry

SNP accused of further interference in the Alex Salmond inquiry

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The Conservative Party has called Nicola Sturgeon to take immediate action over Alex
Salmond messages.

Former Justice Secretary, Kenny MacAskill, presented to the Holyrood committee
investigating the Salmond trial, messages written by SNP Chief Executive, Peter

In the WhatsApp conversation, Mr Murrell suggested the police should investigate
further into the sexual assault claims made against Mr Salmond.

The texts were written in January 2019, after the former First Minister was cleared of
all charges.

Mr Murrell wrote, “Totally agree folk should be asking the police questions ... report
now with the PF on charges which leaves police twiddling their thumbs. So a good time
to be pressurizing them. Would be good to know Met looking at events in London.”
The second message stated: “TBH the more fronts he is having to firefight on the
better for all complainers. So CPS action would be a good thing.”

This is seen as an attempt by the SNP to interfere with the current investigation into
the Salmond affair.

Scottish Conservative leader, Douglas Ross, says Nicola Sturgeon, “Has to take
responsibility. (…) She oversees the actions of the SNP chief executive. There is
nobody else to blame."

Last week the First Minister was accused of obstructing the inquiry for refusing to
hand over some documents, “containing privileged legal advice”.

Conservative MSP, Oliver Mundell, was forced to leave the Holyrood chamber after
refusing to withdraw a claim that Ms Sturgeon had lied to Parliament.

In a recent statement, the Holyrood committee said it has become, “completely
frustrated with the lack of evidence and, quite frankly, obstruction it is experiencing”.

Ms Sturgeon said it was, “outrageous” to be accused of not collaborating. She claimed
releasing privileged legal advice documents, “would not be in the interest of good
government and the upholding of the rule of law”.


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