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ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

April is simply an ideal time for Aries. The month of April will bring about a sensitivity towards food, so enjoy your heightened taste buds and try some new foods you wouldn’t usually go for. Environmental issues and vitamins will also benefit Aries this month, so look after your planet and your body. You will feel relief with nature and lessen the amount of city time and technology will leave you relaxed.  On April 8th, the Solar Eclipse asks to move to your centre and prepare yourself for the rest of the year. This is one of the best times to have new experiences and begin something new.

 A positive change is coming which will affect you financially. Although, you may want to reevaluate your needs and desires this month. You may feel trapped. A conflict has possibly risen from this, but there is no need to react in an extreme manner. Be careful with words. Make an extra effort to show those around you your love for them, whether it be in your personal or working life. Remember to look at what could make your life better in the future.


TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

The Solar Eclipse on the 8th of this month in Aries emphasises Taurus’ health, work and pets. Venus and Saturn represent the Taurus need for more love. It would also be advisable to take a break from a busy lifestyle this month, a holiday is in need with lots of rest and lots of sun. Be happy with yourself -  its important after the well-deserved break to become very focused on a professional or personal project. Mars favouring Jupiter may suggest a good time for seeking a new employment and new ways to earn extra cash. You may find yourself unexpectedly having a teacher role in someone’s life. 

If love comes your way, bring it in with open arms. This month, the stars seem to bring an unexpected love and abundance of emotions. Your attitudes will be high and nothing will seem impossible this month, embrace it! You are looking for excitement and adventure. You’ll be happy with yourself.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Pursue your hopes this month by allowing yourself to be confident and connect with new people and align your energies with your current connections. Saturn wants you to ensure you are aware of what and who you are committed to whilst developing your inner talents. The Lunar Eclipse on April 24th means an unexpected but positive change in your working lifestyle will come around, this will benefit you financially. Uranus has been giving you more freedom some October 2017 will last through until September. Uncertainty can make a big impact on your life and you must ensure what your hopes and goals are for the year ahead.

Things are about to take off in Geminis life. Positive vibes surround relationships with people close to you and other aspects of your life. You have worked hard for these results and it is important you enjoy them. If you are not in a committed relationship, you may feel insecure, may this be a professional working relationship or a romantic partnership.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

The Solar Eclipse this month means Cancer may be in connection with Influential people whilst your professional life will be taking much of your time and thought. During this time, you may become more popular within the public. Hard work is very prominent in the month of April, ensure you have a plan for your successes. You may also find your fashion sense is heightened during the month, along with your ability to work during the late hours. This month you resemble a bat.

 The Lunar Eclipse at Scorpio says, If your available, there is a great possibility of a new romance in your life. If this person who walks into your life during the months April through to September you may find yourself feeling an instant love toward them. Do not hesitate to travel, those who are far away may not be far away in other senses. Embrace any long distance relationships you may have. Exchanging your thoughts with someone who shares your feelings this month is set to occur, if you are feeling disheartened by past relationships, remember that they are in the distant past and the future holds greater things. You will sense a new light in your life and any bad will pass by you and leave you untouched by it.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)

You may have found yourself removing old karma from your life this month… with the meaning of “what goes around comes around” becoming prominent. You are in a situation which has brought about endings but also new beginnings. Saturn may bring a difficult period in your life around the 18th, similar to the eclipse last October, but with a strong mindset, you can conquer anything. Learning and travel can be beneficial to you this month, an opportunity to meet anyone who could be influential toward you could occur this month. They could teach you how to deal with difficulties affecting you.

Venus/Uranus could mean a turn from friendship into something more. You could find yourself addicted to the possibility of getting to know a particular person inside and out. You may find that you will be dealing with a partners problems more than your own this month. Know what your intentions are, and show your strengths off including your romantic talent… it could end positively for you.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Mercury retrograde in Aries means you may have an interest in starting up your own business. If you do not overwork yourself, success is in the works for you. The Solar Eclipse for Virgo means around the 8th, is a time where leases are positively impacted, along with other financial agreements. You could also be enjoying a renovation. Around the 24th of April, a new romance for a sibling and/or a financial benefit may come to them, this could happen during the next 6 months. It may be useful for you to detox the body this month. Drinking green tea could benefit the detox.

Virgo may appreciate the touch of a loved one in April. Your attention will be directed toward your romantic side, friendships and possibly working relationships. Ensure you protect your social side. Get in touch with those drifting away, even if you have been putting it off. This is important if you want to succeed personally. Your current lover is looking forward to a permanent relationship, and you should be too. Although, in this exciting time, don’t forget family.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Love is important to you this month, patterns which have been reoccurring since last October may end this April.  Creative influences are at the forefront of your mind this month and you may be paid for your creative endeavours. Your large goals in life could involve some of your most favourite hobbies, use these to your strength. Volunteering in your spare time could benefit you whilst helping others in need.  The Lunar Eclipse this month brings a 6 month long financial gain.You may find changes in your health and diet issues, ensure to care for yourself.

 If you are single, a new relationship may begin. If you are married, there is an extra special bond occurring in the next year. Don’t be afraid to commit to the right person. Although you may find yourself vulnerable, more focus on the “big picture” ensures a lively romance. Seek out what makes you happy and you could have the perfect relationship and career.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

You need to be more health conscious in the next 6 months of your life. Uranus presents the benefits of exercising. Uranus’ influence could also mean there is a need for change in relation to your diet, work, habits or daily schedule. This could leave you restless and somewhat emotional. Concerns over loved ones or even working relationships could come to the forefront. Put on your boxing gloves. Although, there is some positivity in creativity, money and romance through the months of April, May and June. You could end up on a podium.

You have been protecting yourself romantically for long enough, it is time to try new things. Don’t hold back and go ahead with any romantic opportunities that come your way. The effort you put in will be appreciated by a special someone. You will enjoy this. Be careful not to overdo it though. Take a chance on love, but don’t risk everything. You will know the situation when it arises.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Ways to express your inner creativity are opening doors for you this month, especially in writing an publishing. Meditation could be beneficial to Sagittarius this month, whilst appreciating good manners.. The Lunar Eclipse suggests a change in your working lifestyle, you may have found money has been an issue for a while and it may stay this way until Saturn leaves Cancer in July. Yet being in the right place at the right time during February next year could present some success coming your way. Home life could be complicated at the moment and changes in your personal life might need to be made to make you feel more comfortable.

There is the possibility of romance this coming year, making Sagittarius sweeter. Don’t let insecurities take over love in your life. Invest time in the right people, security and maturity in a partner is something you may find yourself seeking. You may be more interested in proof than talk with your partner. There could be challenges and a talk in a serious tone, use this time to talk with family.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Home and family is prominent this month for Capricorn. It could mean difficult times, but when Saturn leaves Cancer in July, things will swiftly improve. With the use of humour, you’ll be able to sail through the hard times.  Jupiter favouring Mars and Neptune will influence money positively on your working life. Whatever goals you have set for yourself will be empowered, whether they are personal or professional. As long as it is your passion.

Venus rules your romance, which favours Pluto on the 12th of April, meaning you could hear from someone from your past of this lifetime or another. If it is someone new, you may experience some déjà vu. You could find yourself ready for a new level of commitment if you are already in someone’s life. The next time you see your lover, talk with them on a more intellectual level, it could surprise you how much closer it could bring the two of you. Focus on sharing your morals, personal goals and ideals with your special someone to achieve a deeper level of bonding. You need someone who can engage your curious mind, regardless of your relationship.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

The Solar Eclipse this month means a very busy time for Aquarius. You may find yourself constantly on the go, involved with neighbours or faced with lots of phone calls and paperwork. This Eclipse could be a great time for you yo focus on learning new skills or teaching them. Finances could mean you have a large purchase, possibly a new computer or car. During the month, your feelings may be more sensitive, but don’t show it to others if you can hide it. Worries about health and property will end by the close of July.  Relationships with siblings may require more time as they may need some advice.

Hold your head high in what you believe in. You need to realise what your goals are and what you want to get out of life. You could be too caught up in these personal issues and overlook your love relationship for a while. Keep a level head.


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The Solar Eclipse this month means Pisces will finally be positively influenced by their finances. New doors are opening. Travel and writing could be beneficial. Whether you have your own business or are working for someone else, blessings are coming. Commit yourself to the life you truly seek.

Until after July, it may difficult to achieve the love you desire, Saturn and Venus can delay romance due to insecurity and fear in either your life or a potential partners. Although despite this, you could still attract admiration, so ensure you are confident and remember many of your insecurities are in the past. Strengthen your weak points. If you are currently in a relationship, show them just what you can accomplish for them (and yourself). Go with the flow whilst doing this.


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