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Graphics and technology have advanced quickly over the years and one industry that has embraced this is the gaming industry. One of the most favoured genre in gaming - partly because of this - is open world formats. Here’s a list of the top most favoured open world games: 


Grand Theft Auto V: 

'Grand Theft Auto' has really been one of the favourites on gamers lists since the beginning of the long-standing series and 'GTA V' was no exception. With the funny gimmicks and outrageous characters, it is marketed towards a more mature audience due to the violent nature of the game and its controversial script. None the less, it really pushed the boat out for open world games and since coming out in 2013, it is still being played by many gamers including YouTubers and Twitch streamers today. 


Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim: 

'Skyrim' is one of the first open world games of its kind, the creativity and the style of the game set in 'Skyrim' had gamers fighting dragons, customising their characters and warding off villainsThis highly immersive fantasy world really surprised gamers in a positive way. After releasing in 2011, 'Skyrim' is still one of the most popular games to play and also allows gamers to mod the game which is also a popular pastime in the gaming community. With news of a new Elder Scrolls game, gamers are eagerly waiting as to what is to come from the developers.  


Witcher 3 – Wild Hunt:  

In 'Witcher 3', players follow Geralt through his journey fighting beasts of all kinds to protect and save Ciri from the Wild Hunt. Released in 2015, the graphics are still amazing and every part of the game is well thought out and executed. The vast open world allows gamers to explore in their own time, doing side quests and taking in the beautiful cities and countryside. It actually received 9.3/10 from IGN and 9.3/10 from Gamespot and is a sure favourite from most gamers. Fans are now eagerly waiting for more information on the new Witcher Netflix series to see what new canon it will bring to the much-loved gaming trilogy.   


Horizon Zero Dawn: 

Fast forward a few years to 2017, 'HZD' showcases a real uniqueness to its genre. The player controls the character Aloy who is a hunter in a world overrun by machines as she sets out to uncover her past. Aloy is a little bit different to others and this leads her to find out about her past and where she came from. The story is completely immersive but what gamers were blown away by is the beautiful world where the story is set in. Gorgeous skies, long grass which moves as you move and snowy mountains encourages gamers to explore this wonderful world.  


Assassin’s Creed Origins: 

After a short hiatus, Ubisoft hit back to the popular series – 'Assassin’s Creed' – with a new take. 'Origins' is set in Ancient Egypt where the gamer can play as Bayek, a Medjay, and explore the origins of the centuries-long conflict between the Brotherhood of Assassins who fight for peace by promoting liberty and the Order of the Ancients – the forerunners to the Templar Order who desire peace through the forced imposition of order. The AC series is no stranger to open world formats but 'Origins' really promoted beautiful immersive worlds and great story. In this open world, there are little events to help make it more realistic where players who are in the desert can get mirages and desert blizzards/sandstorms. They can also interact with animals and hunt them for upgrades (similar to 'Far Cry'), climb to the top of pyramids and search hidden tombs. 


Far Cry 5: 

'Far Cry 5' takes place in Hope County, a fictional region of Montana and the story involves the Project at Eden’s Gate which is a doomsday cult that rules the lands under its charismatic leader Joseph Seed (known by cult members as The Father). You play a junior deputy sheriff who is trapped in Hope County and has to work alongside a resistance to help liberate the county. As the player, you can explore everywhere including the skies in your own little plane as you help the resistance free the county and you get really involved with the characters.  The vast amount of places you can explore is crazy and incredibly in-depth which received high appraisal by critics.  


Other mentions for this list that are notable OPW games are; the recent release of 'Spiderman', 'Fallout 4', 'Just Cause 3', 'Saints Row', 'Minecraft' and 'Watch Dogs 2'. 


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