Calling All Dancing Queens

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There has been some recently exciting news for all the Dancing Queens out there. 


Brian May, lead guitarist of rock band Queen, has produced a cover version of, “I am a Woman”, which is performed by supergroup WOMAN. WOMAN is a new band, and has Mazz Murray as a lead vocalist, with May as guitarist. Murray is the current actress who plays Donna for the, ‘MAMMA MIA!’, London Cast.


The cover is a, ‘storming blues rock’, version and a real anthem. This is perfect as all proceeds of the single go to the Target Ovarian Cancer foundation, who are the partner charity of ‘MAMMA MIA!’, and the Caron Keating Foundation.


Target Ovarian Cancer is, ‘The UK’s Leading Ovarian Cancer Charity’ and they “work to improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research and provide much-needed support to women with ovarian cancer.” This charity faces “chronic underfunding”; with 11 women still dying everyday from Ovarian Cancer.


It is amazing to see Target Ovarian Cancer as the partner charity for ‘MAMMA MIA’; since the musical is a symbol of feminism and women supporting other women. The new single encompasses the messages of both the charities and the musical, showing another amazing example of women being there for each other. 


To listen to, “I am a Woman”, go to , and to buy an official ‘MAMMA MIA!’ x Target Ovarian Cancer t-shirt, go to , where £9 of every t-shirt purchased goes to the charity. 




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