Coronavirus: The Strange Happenings for the Entertainment Industry due to the Epidemic

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In this new world of ‘COVID-19’, many large American corporations are taking safety precautions to help people keep safe during this ‘national emergency’.  


We are currently living in a chaotic world of ‘COVID-19’, where people fight over toilet paper and hoard bags of rice and pasta! 


After Trump declared the US to be in a state of ‘national emergency’ the world has become even more isolated. American corporations have been looking for ways to protect their employees and prevent further the further spread of coronavirus.  


Currently, the Disney Parks are empty, leaving echoes of silent laughter and rides that are turned off until further notice. We no longer have access to ‘the happiest place on Earth’, at least not currently.  


Meanwhile, according to various articles, including from The Independent newspaper, Netflix has supposedly shut down all of its current productions. This includes all of the streaming service’s American and Canadian shows and films that were being currently worked on.  


Many people have shown extreme disappointment over this, especially as it will lead to Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’ being postponed. This will be Netflix’s highest-profile delay yet, with the third season being watched 40.7 million global household accounts in its first weekend of release. Netflix, however, has not yet made any official comment on this to their subscribers.  


Several studios and networks are in a similar situation - shutting down productions and postponing film releases. The live-action remake of ‘Mulan’ has been building up an exciting audience since its trailer released back in 2019, but it has now been delayed due to the virus. Meanwhile, over 100 American cinema theatres have been shut and the weekend box office is the lowest it has ever been in 21 years! 


Additionally, with American chat shows being put on hold, such The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, it is uncertain what exactly the world will do if countries continue their lockdowns. With deserted shopping centers, an empty television and having to isolate yourself from others; it’s likely going to be a quiet time until coronavirus pandemic passes its peak. 


RADAR wishes everyone to stay safe and follow the advice from the NHS:


Eileen O'Neill
10:34am on 20 Mar 20 An interesting report Ribh, not something I'd thought about.
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