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Darker evenings and dropping temperatures don’t seem very appealing for date night. However, there are still things you can do in the city all year round on a student budget. Here are 10 cute date ideas you could try this weekend.

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Now that summer is over, it seems like fun things to do in Aberdeen have diminished. Darker evenings and dropping temperatures don’t seem very appealing for date night. However, there are still things you can do in the city all year round on a student budget. Here are 10 cute date ideas you could try this weekend: 


1. Duthie Park Winter Gardens 

Going for a walk in the park is always pretty romantic, but to make it a bit more interesting, head to the Winter Gardens. There are several rooms filled to the brim with exotic plants, ponds, and even some wildlife! Inside is humid and calm, with plenty of benches and bridges for cosy catch ups. As well as amazing backdrops for a quick Instagram photoshoot. Next door is the park’s café, where you can grab a coffee and some cake after you learn about some nature.  


2. The beach

Our beach gets a bad rep as a cold stretch of grey, but really, there are lots of things to get up to nearby. Cadonas has plenty of options, whether you want to play a round of bowling, or prefer losing all your change on arcade games. You can easily fill an afternoon pretending to be a kid again. However, if you are not looking to spend much, simply walking along the beachfront at sunset can be so worth it on a clear night. That paired with an ice cream from one of the many cafes, is a great cheap date.  


3. Go for coffee 

As simple as it is, you can never go wrong getting to know someone over coffee. There are plenty of cafés around Aberdeen to pick from. If you’re tired of all the Costa’s you drink at uni, try out an independent coffee shop. Books and Beans, Foodstory, Bonobos, The Coffee House, and Café Cognito are a few to test out.  


4. The cinema 

Another stereotypical date idea, but when student discount is involved who could refuse? Vue do student tickets for only £4.99. If you get your snacks at Poundland round the corner beforehand, you can save even more of your cash.  


5. Stonehaven 

If you want to venture out of the city, take a day trip to Stonehaven. It takes less than 20 minutes on the train! Stonehaven is a small town by the sea, perfect to explore on an autumn afternoon. Make sure to stop by at The Bay chipper and then Aunt Betty’s next door for their infamous ice cream. 


6. Hazlehead Park 

Another park just a short bus ride from the city centre. Like Duthie Park, Hazlehead also has a cosy café and leafy grounds to wander around in. However, it also boasts a large surrounding woodland, ideal for a crisp weekend walk. If you like animals, make sure to visit the Pet’s Corner, home to an assortment of friendly creatures, including donkeys, snakes, and ferrets. 


7. Going for food 

Eating out can be expensive but more and more restaurants are introducing student discount options. Las Iguanas do 25% student discount as well as a 2 for 1 deal on cocktails during happy hour. You can get 20% off regular burritos at Bar Burrito. Yo! Sushi offers 25% if you sign up to their student email. Other places offering student discount include Pizza Hut, Chiquitos and Pizza Express. Always carry your student ID and remember to ask a member of staff, it could help out your bank account considerably.  


8. Night in 

A night in might seem boring but if you’re tight on cash they can be the perfect alternative for date night. If you want to impress someone, try cooking a meal for them and then eating while binging something on Netflix. If you’re not too confident in the kitchen, get a baking kit and make some cupcakes or cookies, just add eggs and water. If you’re feeling lazy, order in a takeaway. Unidays and Studentbeans often have decent discounts, you can get up to 35% off your Dominos order if you’ve got a student login. If you’ve watched everything on Netflix, switch to Amazon Prime instead, students get a 6-month free trial! 


9. Go for drinks  

Going out for drinks is another simple but perfect date idea. Whether you prefer pints or cocktails, there will be something for you.  From Brewdog to Revolution, there are so many options across the city. Most bars and pubs have discount cards you can get by just asking at the bar. Many like Slains, Siberia and BSSC also do tasty affordable food (often they have veggie-friendly options too) 


10. Gigs  

With the Music Hall closed and the AECC a bit of a trek away, it can feel like there are not a lot of options for live music in Aberdeen. But if you know where to look, there are plenty of venues to spend an evening at. Café Drummonds on Belmont Street is a friendly pub that doubles as a venue for local musicians as well as bigger names from around the UK. The Lemon Tree hosts various bands but also comedians and other entertainers. Tunnels, Krakatoa, The Cellar, and The Blue lamp are other small venues that also have live music playing every week. Have a look at the venues Facebook pages to see upcoming events. Tickets for small gigs are often under £10 and don’t require booking in advance. Head to one of these spots this week and help support our music scene.  


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