Dress Your Pet For the Spooky Season

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Halloween is a time best-known for getting into the shoes of another character (literally). For one night you can don that superhero cape you’ve always wanted to wear and be someone else. But it’s not just humans who can take part in the action…


Ready-Made Costumes

Loving the enthusiasm of this pooch! A lot of places do actually have full outfits to dress your pets in for Halloween. You can often find costumes in Primark, The Range and Pets at Home. From angel-inspired harnesses to full-on Superman costumes, there is a huge range of ready-made outfits to fit every pet size. 


Handcraft Witch/Wizard

Wearing a witches/wizards hat isn’t a very convenient plan for a dog, as dogs don’t sit still for very long. Sounds an ideal suggestion for an insta-worthy photo though!

However, a wizard's tie is a brilliant plan. Cut a piece of card into a tie shape and design however you want it. For every lover of arts and crafts there is a range of styles you could make the tie. You could have purple with black bats, orange with a pumpkin on it or maybe black with some red spots that portray blood. Then, tie to a bit of string and attach this to the metal loop in the part where you attach the ID collar. Be careful it’s not so long it will trip your dog up though!


The Big Bad Wolf

The tale of, ‘The Little Red Riding Hood’, is infamous. If you have a Husky or any other furry type of dog, that’s relatively large in size, then pop a bonnet on him/ her and voila you have the big bad wolf masquerading as the dear old grandmother! To really complete the fairytale look, if you have also a smaller dog then get a dog-safe red cape and you’ll have Little Red Riding Hood as well. The perfect duo!


Harry Potter House Captain 

If you're an avid knitter, why not knit a bandana in the house colours of your favourite Harry Potter house? Or in the House that you think your dog would be sorted into? Use scarlet and gold for Gryffindor, green and silver for Slytherin, blue and bronze for Ravenclaw and yellow and black for Ravenclaw. 


Whatever you decide to dress your pet up as, this Halloween make sure it is safe! Also, remember dogs are good at tricks but all treats should be dog friendly. 


We would love to see any photos you have of your pooch(es) in their Halloween costumes. Feel free to share them with us on social media. 


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