Halloween decoration on a budget

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This article looks at five ideal ways to decorate for Halloween on a student budget.

With the covid-19 lockdown restrictions, we have a lot more time on our hands. This makes for the perfect excuse to dabble in the arts and crafts and hand-make affordable, yet still spook-tecular, Halloween decorations.


Tip 1: Paper Chains

Like most days of celebration, Halloween has its own colour scheme that it is famous for. Choosing darker shades to really get into the spooky season; use colours such as navy, purple, black and, of course, orange. You can also get sparkly paper, with the Halloween colours, to really get into the party-mood.

To make paper chains get A4 pieces of coloured paper, cut into strips and put one strip through the other to make loops, then staple together. Keep doing this until you have the desired length and then hang wherever you want. Though, draped over window-sills and furniture are often great options to go for.


Tip 2: Spider Webs

Grab a bag of cotton wool and take chunks out, then pull it with your fingers (in different directions) to tease it so it looks like spider webs. Place these spider webs on level places, such as bookshelves and cupboards. To go for real authenticity, place in corner areas as spiders often tend to hide here.


Tip 3: Gravestones

Halloween is often associated with death and afterlife. Go for a spooky twist by getting a piece of white card and circularly cutting the top off to make the top look round and the bottom straight (like a gravestone). Either make scribble lines to look like gravestone writing or make up something to write on it (usually name, date of birth, date of death and a sentimental saying). Put the kettle on, dip a tea bag in a mug of hot water and then rub the tea bag over the piece of card, creating an aged look with the yellow colour. If you soak the card in the paper directly it often becomes too wet and rips. After rubbing the tea bag over the piece of paper though you need to place somewhere flat to dry. Best to place newspaper on a desk and put the card there, as if it’s not completely flat it will crumple slightly.

Another idea is to make the gravestone relatively small and then place it in a (black) plant pot with soil.


Tip 4: Flying Bats

Make some bats out of black paper and attach to white string, like bunting. If willing to brace the cold air you can hang over a slightly opened window, making it seem like the bats are fluttering.


Tip 5: Floral Bouquets

It is possible to get roses that aren’t just red. Often supermarkets have flower bouquets in-store during the Halloween season that have a thematic colour palette (e.g. blacks, oranges and purples). Next time you're doing your weekly food shop, pick up a bunch of these flowers.

Reuse a couple of your food tin cans by cleaning them and then putting some coloured paper around them. Perhaps, you could even use orange paper and then draw bats on it? Place the flowers in the tin cans and dot them around your accommodation. When Halloween is over, take the black roses out (if you have some) and keep the other colours in to make a pretty Autumnal bouquet. If doing this make sure not to draw bats on the paper as it will look outdated afterwards.


Let us know if you use any of our tips by tagging us in your Insta-worthy pics. We’d love to see them! 


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