How to Cope with Noisy Flatmates

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Student life is pretty easy compared to what the real world asks from people nowadays. Yet, even students have their issues, especially when they have to combine University with full-time or part-time jobs.  


Combining University with full-time or part-time jobs can be very tiring and demanding.  


Coming back home as a working student, all we wish for is simply sleep and quiet sometimes. But living in halls and/or having irresponsible flatmates surely doesn’t make things easy.  


If your flatmates or neighbours are driving you insane then take a look at Radar tips:  


  1. Try to speak to them 

First things first, don’t leave your good manners at the door immediately. Sometimes people simply don’t realize how loud they can be. So, the first step is starting a conversation. Don’t assume they will never listen to you; people may surprise you. Try expressing your feelings and make it clear how much you need the flat to be quiet at certain times of the day, regardless of whether you need to study or sleep.  


       2. Wear headphones  

Listening to films and music without blasting each other out is a rule every civilized person should follow when living with others. Don’t succumb to some petty competition over who can turn their volume up the loudest- use headphones. This way you’ll prevent them from saying ‘but you do it to’ when having an argument. Secondly, with your headphones, you will be able to drown out any noises especially if you invest in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones.  


       3. Study at the library  

If studying with relaxing music isn’t really your thing, the library may be your best bet to prepare for your exams. It’s full of books and if people make noises you can actually get the satisfaction of seeing them being told to shush.  


      4. Speak with ResLife volunteers  

If you’re are living in student halls Reslife volunteers can help you sort out your issues with your flatmates in various ways. For example, they can help you set up meetings to discuss your issues with the rest of our flatmates. You can even be kept anonymous with complaints regarding the all too over the top and noisy parties that occur in halls.  


Finally, it’s important to recognise if this is a problem you can live with or you can’t. Mental health is the most important thing and you should always lookout for it.  


Don’t waste your energy on childish people, take care of yourself and if things are really going bad speak to a professional. Don’t be afraid of asking for help for even something like a noisy flatmate. A therapist may actually be able to give you some very useful tools to deal with it.  


And most importantly, change flat or flatmates as soon as you can. Don’t force yourself to repeat the same awful experience next year.  


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