How to Enjoy Yourself on Campus Between Lectures

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Adjusting to university life normally consists of a long, windy path – life at university is certainly not going to be a straight one.  

You will have days where the lectures are all over the place and you have a lot of free time waiting for the next class to begin.  

So, what can you do while you wait around? 

Radar is here to give you some tips as to how you can enjoy yourself in between lectures here at RGU. 


1.Grab a hot drink 


There are many food outlets on campus that can provide you with that quick fix of caffeine to wake you up or if that’s not to your taste you get any other hot drink to soothe your soul.  

Fear not as you don’t have to brace the frigid cold in order to get your warm saviour- there is definitely at least one cafe per building on campus.  

It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer coffee, tea or hot chocolate – you will be able to get anything you like.  

The stations also provide you with options that can meet your individual dietary requirements.  

For example, you can find a Costa in the following buildings: 

  • Ishbel Gordon Building 

  • Sir Ian Wood Building 

  • Gray’s School of Art 

  • Garthdee House Annexe 

  • Aberdeen Business School Building 


2. Hang out with your friends 


There are plenty of seated spots dotted around campus, both inside and outside.  

Since you have worked so hard in your lectures and you have to wait for the next one, you might as well find a relaxing spot to chill for a bit.  

Luckily you can find a comfy sofa or a table and chat away to your friends all over campus.  

If it is a beautiful, sunny day, you can even find a quiet spot outside and take in the views of the peaceful River Dee   

Between lectures, you will also have the chance to find spaces to hold meetings for groupwork. 

This can be a good time for being productive as well as socialising with your group. 


3. Go to the library 


Even though the library would not necessarily come across as the best idea to begin with, the view from the upper floors is worth a mention.  

The circular floor-to-ceiling view splits between the city and the countryside is simply breath-taking.  

Especially if you go up to the ninth floor to see it.  

Also, you can browse through a wide range of interesting books during your spare time.  

They might not be entirely related to your course but intriguing to you anyway.  

The library staff that are on hand are very helpful and pleasant. They will provide any help that you need during your time there. 


4. Go shopping 


If you are quite new on campus, you may want to visit the Deeview Student Store on Union Way or go to the Kaim Shop at Kaim Cottage whenever it is open.  

The Deeview Student Store sells many RGU branded items including t-shirts, water bottles and much more.  

In the Edgeworn section of the shop you can find second-hand books for a fraction of their original price. They also sell sweets, drinks and medicine as well as other miscellaneous items.  

The Kaim Shop is run by RGU: GoGreen and has a unique way of operating compared to a typical store. The Kaim Shop is essentially a swap shop but without the need to swap.  

RGU GoGreen says that you can donate, take or borrow any number of items you want. The Kaim Shop is run by volunteers so RGU GoGreen regularly update the opening times for the shop on its social media pages and has a sign outside of Kaim Cottage. 



5. Go to the gym 


There is proof that exercise can release endorphins which boosts your mood.  

So why not take the opportunity to go to the gym whenever you feel stressed?  

RGU Sport hosts the modern sport facilities available on which offer a wide range of services. You can either exercise on the gym floor with many different machines or enjoy gym classes or even take a dip in the massive swimming pool.  

RGU Sport offers classes for all levels of fitness such as indoor cycling, body pump and so much more! 


6. Have a walk around campus 


Walking around campus can be a great way to explore RGU.  

It will also help you do some exercise without the need for a gym membership if you don’t want one.  

You will find that there is always something new to discover. You can find different paths and view the scenery changing across seasons.  

For example, walking down a path in Autumn will look totally different then during Spring while flowers are blooming. 

 There is no doubt that our campus is beautiful, so why not explore it to your heart’s content? 


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