Invisible addictions of the XXI century

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Life, stressadditional duties and the constant rushing leads to many addictions that “help” us ease and alleviate the burden. As it turns out, addictions do not have to be only tangible, like alcohol or games. In life there are actions and behaviours so widespread that they are invisible. They are legal, systematically popularised and most people would not be able to function without them. 


Probably you have sometimes been so busy you don’t have time for anything or anyone. You leave interest for later, reduce sleep to a minimum, stop practicing, stop meeting people and even eat breakfast on the way to work or university. Your situation looks very difficult, you do not try to plan your work more efficiently because you think that it will consume all your time anyway, no matter what you do. 

You have to remember that you decide how to organise your time. Learn to say "no" when there is something unimportant in your life and cut everything that is not necessary, and what other people want and impose on you. Remember that your family and friends are always above you for work and duties. Take care of them and contact them regularly. 


A source of pleasure and an important element of building relationships with a close person. It brings relaxation and relief. This happens with the help of endorphins secreted during intercourse known as "happiness hormones". In a sense, it is their fault people become addicted. Also, the media do not want people to forget about it - full of bold images, articles, and websites related to the sexually suggestive. 

A person addicted to sex usually requires long-term therapy, but also a lot of support from their surroundings. 


A huge network connecting computers around the world. More and more people in the world use the Internet in education, for work and entertainment. The huge amount of information contained on the Internet means that people are overwhelmed and are still able to find new platforms that they had no idea about. As a result, this is reflected in the lack of commitment to perform home duties, study or work. An addicted internet user prefers virtual contact rather than physical contact with people closest to them. 

The key to curing the addiction is to reach the causes of the real difficulties underlying the emergence of it and facing these problems. 


Its social aspects are described as strengthening group morality, exchanging information, and, sharing values and interests. Gossip is a form of intra-group defence against intolerable views and behaviours of others, a way to avoid boredom and satisfy the need for curiosity by learning about secrets. By others it is also defined as strengthening one person at the expense of the other. Through the trend of celebrity culture the human brain is simulated by the media to view every aspect of the life of the famous. They introduce this unconsciously into their own life and relationships with loved ones, which further strengthens the institution of gossiping. 

If you have problems with gossiping try to tell the person you are talking to something nice or reverse the conversation, so as not to encourage yourself to share information. 


These days we are overwhelmed by its excess. We are surrounded by various dishes from different parts of the world, and because of social media people are constantly posting 'perfect' pictures of their food. Addiction to food is not, therefore, a manifestation of the weak nature, but the intense impact of dopamine, which takes control of the biochemical processes in the brain. 


Nowadays narcissistic culture is being the centre of attention and building self-esteem on the number of friends on Facebook. People began to create their perfect self, that is, a self-image that each of us would more or less consciously desire. Unfortunately, fame has never been so close at hand as now, and the illusion of control so powerful. 

Try not to strive for the "ideal" you see on television or the internet. Be yourself and accept your advantages and disadvantages. Understand that you do not need relationships based on adoring only sincere friendships. 


Dependence on shopping is a complex issue, which is why it is usually impossible to specify a moment when innocent shopping changes into internal coercion. The same stay in the store works for some, soothing and improving their mood, encouraging them to forget about thier everyday problems. 

Plan what you buy before you enter the store - make a list of the products you need and stick to it strictly without buying anything else. Leave your credit card at home and take out a calculated amount of money for shopping because virtual money is very easy to spent, meaning it's easy to get into debt. 


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