Rainbow: A symbol of hope during the coronavirus outbreak

You may have noticed in your town or even on social media that drawings of rainbows are being displayed somewhere new - on windows of homes across the United Kingdom!

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You may have noticed in your town or even on social media that drawings of rainbows are being displayed somewhere new - on windows of homes across the United Kingdom! 

The coronavirus pandemic has certainly brought out some flaws in humanity, mainly, the problem of panic buying items such as toilet rolls, pasta, and chicken. You might feel very anxious about the trying ordeal that we are currently in, but these rainbow drawings can make people feel hopeful even in the darkest of times. 

The idea first originated on Facebook which swiftly spread from one community group page to another. We seem to think that its deeper origins come from a school in Newcastle called Grange First SchoolThis is because a representative for the school stated: “We are hoping to spread our cheerful windows campaign as wide as possible. Signs are going up in windows all over our area and beyond and will really help maintain morale for children (and families) in these difficult times.” 

The idea is that people who have children at home with them will walk around their town to try and spot the rainbows. Think of it like a treasure hunt but with rainbows instead. This initiative will give these children something to look forward to seeing while also being active by walking – this is vital for children up and down the country. 

The idea has spread to the far corner of the north-east of Scotland thanks to social media. In Fraserburgh, many residents are pledging to put up their own drawings of rainbows on their windows via their community page dedicated to the coronavirus outbreak for the local children to search for. Anyone can draw these symbols of hope – children and children-at-heart alike. 


Anthony Constantinou
12:20pm on 21 May 20 Anthony Constantinou says, “The coronavirus epidemic has definitely brought out some mistakes in humanity, especially, the problem of fear buying items. However, some positives are also there that creates hopes in our society”
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