Review of AirPop's Light SE face masks

Recently Radar had the opportunity to review the innovative AirPop Light SE face mask.

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Face masks, the new everyday normal. Due to the pandemic wearing a face mask when out and about is now essential but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish at the same time. With many businesses offering chic and convenient designs, Radar recently had the chance to try AirPop’s Light SE face masks. 

AirPop’s Light SE face masks cost £9.99 for one mask and £29.99 for a pack of four on their website. They come in the colour black, meaning that they can be paired with any outfit and can equally be used alongside work clothes.

The organisation, AirPop, is “the world’s first Air Wearables company” and delivers face masks that are both comfortable and breathable. For any glasses-wearer the main question when buying any face mask is whether or not it will steam up your glasses. Unfortunately, at least with the Light SE face masks, we did find this to be the case. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t worth purchasing but definitely something to be wary of. 

With face masks becoming an essential item, AirPop offers brilliant solutions that we highly rate. We acknowledge the slight issue of steamy glasses is a downfall but overall they are comfortable, cool and stylish. 

For more information on buying an AirPop face mask go to: 


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