Student Elections: Question Time Changes

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The time has come upon us yet again for the annual Student Elections Question Time event but this year its electorate will see some changes due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, all unnecessary social contact has been restricted and students along with staff members can no longer walk the grounds of RGU's Campus. 

But what has that meant for the student elections which normally has in past years caused a flurry of excitement and intrigue to the student body on its grounds? 

We would usually see our nominees along with their political teams rushing around speaking to every student willing to listen about their manifestos to make changes for the student population, the campus and beyond. 

Yet this year none of us will be able to have face-to-face interactions and thus, the question that must be asked is: what has the union done to resolve this issue? 

Well for starters all candidates have been pushed to upload all of their manifestos online and profile videos, which you can read through and watch via this link:

Secondly, they have been asked to engage with our student body via social media platforms such as Facebook. If you wish to see their campaign pages just search their names and the position they are running for. Through these pages, you will be able to directly question the candidates along with show your support, read their objectives and watch their all-important campaign videos. 

Lastly, we will be seeing the Question Time event being live-streamed through all RGU: Union social media channels as well as through their website from 12pm today. There any student may raise a question by sending a direct message to: or @rguunion. You can also email them at:

The schedule includes: 

- Hear candidate manifesto aims & pledges
- Open Q&A session with candidates
- Ask your questions to election candidates

Students may also start the vital choice to vote for who they believe is the best candidate as of this morning until Friday 27 March by clicking on this link: 




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