The Big Takeaways from Super Tuesday

The Democratic race for president has swiftly narrowed to two after Warren, Buttigieg, Bloomberg and Amy Kloubouchar bowed out and left the race.

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With Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden now battling it out, the race seems set on either one of them facing off against President Trump in November. 


Super Tuesday was ruthless and saw Warren and Bloomberg unable to distinguish themselves.  


Warren came third in her home state of Massachusetts and Bloomberg was only victorious in the territory of American Samoa which is worth five delegates. 


As things stand, Sanders has 573 delegates, Biden 664 and Tulsi Gabbard just two. 


For Biden, the night was more than a success with most of the states being won by his campaign.  


His blowout victory in the South secured him the prized frontrunner status with the dividedness of the progressives allowing him to win states in Bernie and Warren’s backyard. 


Despite the disappointment, the night was not a total disaster for Sanders as he managed to win California’s lion share of delegates and held out elsewhere despite huge shifts a day before polling. 


Going forward, both the progressives and centrists will stand more united. The progressives, who were unable to mend a working alliance before super Tuesday, will now be strengthened and more likely to win areas in New England, the Rust Belt, and the Midwest. 


Just months after Biden’s campaign was ‘declared dead’ he now seems likely to win the nomination if all continues as momentum has resuscitated his presidential bid. 


Hawian Representative, Tulsi Gabbard, is unlikely to win the nomination but is in the race to make a statement with her signature policies of ending America’s wars in the Middle East, reducing military spending and improving veteran services. 


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