Time to Rock Out: School of Rock – The Musical Coming to the Granite City Next Year

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You might remember the 2003 film known as ‘School of Rock’ with Jack Black as the lead actor who portrayed a substitute teacher called Dewey Finn. He turns a class of kids into a rock band.


For those of you who loved that film (like we do here at Radar), then you can get some nostalgia back into your life with ‘School of Rock – The Musical’! 


Back in 2013 – 10 years after the film made its rock star debut on to the big screen, Andrew Lloyd Webber bought the rights for ‘School of Rock’ to be turned into a musical.


Lloyd Webber is extremely well-known in the world of musical theatre for musicals such as ‘Cats’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat’.


The musical adaptation of the film premiered on Broadway in Autumn 2015. The production won the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music. 


The show is about a wannabe rock star called Dewey Finn (AKA the same guy from the film) who wants to earn more money by becoming a substitute teacher at a prep school.


At the school, he transforms a class of intelligent young students into an amazing, star-studded rock band. There is a love story involved in this musical comedy, however, as Dewey finds himself falling in love with the prep school’s headmistress.


In the process, he attempts to help her let go of her uptight and strict persona and replace it with the rock chick that was inside of her. 

Tickets to the show will be on sale to the general public from Friday 13th March 2020 and it is anticipated to be a massive sell-out.


The production of ‘School of Rock – The Musical’ will run from Tuesday 1st March 2021 to Saturday 6th March 2021 at His Majesty’s Theatre in Aberdeen. 


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