Top tips for safe travel

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With Scotland’s weather being record-breakingly treacherous this year, Radar has compiled a list of safety travel tips to follow when you’re out and about.


Emergency supplies

Always travel with emergency supplies. A checklist should include snacks, water, a warm jacket and a charged phone. With the bad weather, breakdown services may take longer to get to you so be prepared for a potentially long and cold wait.


Only travel if you have to

This point is especially relevant now we are only allowed to make essential journeys. However, if you do have a necessary trip to make, always keep an eye on the weather forecast and only travel when you know it’s safe.


Tell someone your ETA

Let a loved one know when you leave and what your ETA is. This way someone knows if you’ve managed to reach your destination safely or if you’re potentially in danger.


Don’t travel tired

Dangerous road conditions mean you have to be more alert than normal. If you feel tired get a coffee and have a power nap. If napping in your car, however, make sure you are parked somewhere safe.


Travel to meet the road conditions

Travel to meet the requirements of the road. You may need to drive slower and at a bigger distance from the car in front. If there is a car behind you let them past (if safe to do so) and travel at a speed you're comfortable with.


These are just a couple of the main travel safety tips, although there is a lot more advice available online. Make sure to always be prepared when traveling in hazardous conditions and do remember to obey the current government Covid-19 travel rules.


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