What is the 'AGM'?

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This year RGU:Union's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday the 18th February at 4.30pm in the Amphitheatre of the Sir Ian Wood Building. It is an important opportunity to ensure that students' voices are heard. There will be a prize raffle and free food for those who attend.

Students have the opportunity to submit their motions to the Union - all of these motions will be put forward at the AGM and students will have the chance to amend, debate and vote on them. The motion deadline is midday tomorrow (11th February).

Every student is automatically a member of the union and, therefore, entitled to vote. However, students need to provide their student ID before they are given a voting card and there must be at least 60 students present for the votes to count. 

The AGM is your opportunity to make changes to improve your time at RGU for the next academic year; any motion passed becomes Union policy to work on them. 

Last year's AGM led to several motions being passed and the Union has been working on them. One of the motions passed was the "Free to Pee!" motion which called for the signage of "Disabled Toilets" to be changed to "Accessible Toilets" with the additional text "not every disability is visible". Another motion passed was about improving student preparation for study abroad, particularly more information on the academic side as students on study abroad are affected by regulations specific to the institution they are on an exchange with. The motion to roll lecture capture out across all schools was also passed as only some schools use it, despite the fact that the equipment is available to all lecturers and it is a useful tool for students.

You can find more information on submitting a motion or about the AGM on the Union website.

If you have any ideas on how to improve the student experience on campus you can submit a motion here.


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