Getting it done- time management for students

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University can, at times, be very stressful and time-consuming. As students, we often have multiple commitments, and 24 hours are just not enough. Solution? Improving your time management.


To aid, Radar has deep dived into the world of productivity and compiled four tips to boost your time management!


Finding the time

Like mentioned earlier, it might feel like there just is not enough time for everything that needs to be done. Unfortunately, the concept of time cannot be changed. However, our routines can. Look over your day and see where you put your time. Perhaps the time spent snoozing in the morning can be transformed into a study session, or the hours of mindless scrolling can be cut down and changed to catching up on reading. Become mindful of how you are spending your time.      



Make a game plan

The time has come to study and you are ready to “hit the books”. Before doing that, make sure you have a clear plan of action. Let us say you have an essay to work on. Instead of sitting down with no goal except to finish it, make a game plan of sorts. If you know you need to find sources, make that the first part of your study session. Splitting up big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones, will help you get started and make even the hardest essay feel less daunting.


Time´s up

So, the game plan is made, and the studying has begun. To ensure that one task does not overtake the whole study session, a time limit can be introduced. Make your own deadline and have “working under pressure” help you succeed.      


Schedule time to yourself

While studying is vital for any student, so is making sure your health (mental and physical) is as good it can be. As much as getting those hours of studying in are important, if you cannot focus during them, it is counterproductive. Instead, make time for yourself and get some physical activity in your day.                


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