Rural Disconnect

Signaller Strikes Leave Scotland Stricken

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Radar Media: White background with two rails crossing over each other. Radar Media: White background with two rails crossing over each other.

After weeks of stalemate between trade unions and the Scottish Government, Scotland's Railways will be brought to its knees this week as signallers for Network Rail have voted in favour of strike action.

 The Rail and Maritime Transport union (RMT) has balloted its members who work across many major Rail operators and the strike will include 40,000 RMT workers. This is believed to be the largest strike in modern Rail history.

Scotrail will run 5% of the network on Tuesday (21st June), Thursday (23rd June) and Saturday (25th June) across five lines. The network will not operate North of Falkirk or south of Lanark.  

This comes after train drivers represented by the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen Trade Union (ASLEF) have been in talks with the Scottish Government surrounding a new pay offer resulting in weeks of Scotrail services running on reduced timetables with the threat of a driver strike looming. ASLEF members are yet to accept the 5% pay rise currently proposed, with the union suggesting their members should accept the deal.

The initial backlash from the reduced timetable centred around Scotland's football match against Ukraine, where fans from outside the Central belt were forced to stay home or pay for accommodation due to Scotrail not amending the timetable to allow supporters to return home after the game.

Ed Sheeran concerts faced similar issues as four Scotrail services left Glasgow past 11pm, those being to Edinburgh, Ayr, Stirling and East Kilbride.

Strike action will cause services to solely run between:

Glasgow to Edinburgh (Via Falkirk High),

Glasgow to Edinburgh (Via Shotts),

Glasgow to Hamilton,

Glasgow to Lanark,

Edinburgh to Bathgate and lines will only be operational between 07:30 and 18:30.

No cross border services will be able to exit the central belt, meaning LNER trains will stop at Edinburgh Waverley instead of Aberdeen.



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Rural Disconnect
Radar Media: White background with two rails crossing over each other.

Signaller Strikes Leave Scotland Stricken