Top 5 RPG Bosses

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Image by: Jamie McInall

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Imlerith: 

This guy was super annoying to kill but arguably one of the most challenging fights in the Witcher 3. He seems massive with his huge mace and shield while his teleportation ability makes him hard to hit. By constantly dodging using your roll ability and utilising the powers of Quen and Igni, you can bring his health down. He changes the fight up when his health is below 20% by getting rid of his shield and rapidly attacking you. Although Imlerith might not be the most difficult boss on this list – his fight is certainly challenging and unique. 

World of Warcraft – The Lich King: 

Arguably one of the most memorable bosses in the World of Warcraft universe, The Lich King can be found at the top of Ice Crown Citadel. He was awakened in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion where he attacked Horde and Alliance cities. Leaders from each faction decides to end the Lich King once and for all. He constantly traps and empowers other characters until he is eventually attacked by WoW players next to his throne, during the fight the souls of fallen heroes who had been killed by him begin to rise against him – helping players defeat him. Radar has listed him as one of the best RPG bosses because his story was very intriguing and the fight was fantastic to be a part of! 

Dark Souls – Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough: 

These guys are crazy to fight! They team up together to get rid of you and if you are playing on the hardest difficulty – you better gear up before you go after these guys. Ornstein comes at you with his sharp armour and high speeds with Smough stomping about with a huge hammer. One swing from either these guys could cause one of the pillars in the room that you fight in to crumble down and there’s nowhere to hide. They can be super scary to fight as you try and dodge your way around the duo. The fight actually changes depending on what you want out of it. So if you want Smough’s armour, you should take out Ornstein but if you want Ornstein’s armour, which is arguably a tougher fight, you should kill Smough first. These two make the list because of the dynamics of the fight and how you really need to stick to a strategy in order to not be killed. 

Bloodborne – Orphan of Kos: 

This boss is super spooky but great if you want a challenge! It was added in the Old Hunters DLC and he is the son of Kos. He can be found in the Fishing Hamlet coast and is extremely tough and has plenty of moves to keep the fight challenging. He presents a charged spinning attack which will start off slow and then following he will bring his weapon up and try to swing it towards your head, he then also has a ground vertical swing where he will slam his weapon to the ground before swinging it upward. After this he will raise his weapon with both hands which inflicts small AoE damage and he also has a bomb which can inflict a medium range of AoE. If this wasn’t difficult enough, if you try to hide to get a health potion – he will throw a ball which can track you at a good range and explodes on impact which has a knockdown effect. He can dash at you by leaping and once his health is around halfway he will cause a huge shockwave by slamming his weapon down – which doesn’t damage you but can knock you down (how nice of them!). In addition to his other projectiles he has projectiles which he will shoot at you whilst in the air and he has a long screech which can summon waves of lighting to try and lower your health! This guy makes the list because he can be super difficult but super fun and it’s a great way to practice your parry!  

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Karstaag: 

Karstaag is a super powerful Frost Giant found in the Castle Karstaag Ruins. He can be fought as his ghostly self by summoning him with his skull and placed in the castle ruins which can be unlocked at master level or by travelling through the caverns. Once you place his skull on the throne, several Rieklings appear which you need to defeat in order to have a go at defeating Karstaag. He can be classed as one of the hardest bosses in the game as he attacks like a normal Frost Giant but with much greater damage. He has a frost cloak which can inflict frost damage, he can throw you across the room and he can summon a blizzard which can be fatal. If that wasn’t tough enough, he is completely immune to frost damage, poison and paralysis but can be damaged by fire power but only slightly. His health regenerates very quickly and he can summon enemies to aid him in battle. He is on the list because not only does he put up a good fight, his attacks and loot are quite unique and you really need to focus on him in order to defeat him. 


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