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  • 27th Aberdeen Scout Group logo

    27th Aberdeen Scout Group

    Scouting exists to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society.

    Scouting offers challenge and adventure to young people and adults. We believe in helping our Members fulfil their potential by working in teams, learning by doing, and thinking for themselves. We give people of every background the chance to stretch themselves, learn #SkillsForLife and make life long friedship.

    10 bins, 4 planks of wood, 3m of rope and river full of crocodiles. Sounds like a normal Tuesday night.

    Volunteering with us needn't be a weekly commitment - Simply decide which age range sounds the most fun, take on the four week challenge and then we'll find a role that works for you and us.

    The Beavers are 6-8 year olds who enjoy trying out new things, perfect if you just want to "grow down" for a bit. The Cubs (8-10½) on the other hand love discovering more about the world around them. Whilst the Scouts (10½-14) are enjoying just getting on with whatever task the leaders have come up with.

    For more details head over to

  • 55th ( Kincorth ) Aberdeen Scout Group logo

    55th ( Kincorth ) Aberdeen Scout Group

    We are a local Scout Group based in the Kincorth area of Aberdeen , operating from our own scout hall since 1963. Currently we run a Scout troop, a Cub pack and a Beaver colony.

    Each of our group sections are always on the look out for willing volunteers to come along and support our leaders in the running of our wide ranging catalogue of scout, cub and beaver events & activities.

    A particular priority for our group at the moment is the recruitment of volunteers for our Beaver Colony. 

    We can assure all our volunteers of a warm scouting welcome at the 55th ( Kincorth ) Scout Group.  

    Details of our weekly section meetings are as follows ; 

    Beavers : Wednesday 6.30 - 7.30pm

    Cubs : Tuesday 6.30 - 7.45pm 

    Scouts : Wednesday 7.45 - 9.15pm




  • Aberdeen Cyrenians logo

    Aberdeen Cyrenians

    Aberdeen Cyrenians is a local charity and social care services provider supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

    First started by Aberdeen University students as a soup kitchen, Aberdeen Cyrenians now put the needs of North East Scotland's most vulnerable and socially excluded people first — leading at the frontline of service, care and influence for 50+ years.
    From these beginnings, Aberdeen Cyrenians has grown into a cornerstone of Aberdeen, supporting the most vulnerable people in our city facing crisis, trauma, addiction, homelessness, and isolation.  

    Aberdeen Cyrenians work continuously to shift perceptions and change the outlook on homelessness and vulnerability in society — the reality often differs drastically from the 'labels' that people use when thinking of those who need support. Not accepting the current perception of homelessness is something that underpins Aberdeen Cyrenians' work and how they communicate. Their approach puts the reality of these situations front and centre.

    This reality reminds us that anyone can find themselves in difficulty, and Aberdeen Cyrenians exist to support anyone and everyone — whether they're living on the street, at high financial risk, in an abusive living situation, struggling with mental health issues, struggling with substance addiction or involved in the justice system. Their core values support a mission that prioritises close assistance, unique care and standing steadfastly by people in the midst of their most vulnerable moments. They don't stand in judgement or place themselves above their service users.

    It's the passion and integrity of Aberdeen Cyrenians that makes them a formidable force against homelessness, abuse, violence and social exclusion — they make a life-changing difference when working alongside the people who need their support the most.

    The journey of Aberdeen Cyrenians is one of firsts. Aberdeen Cyrenians put the needs of North-East Scotland's most vulnerable and socially excluded people first leading at the frontline of service, care and influence for 50+ years. We lead from the front line of service, care and influence.  

    We will continue to be first to stand up against homelessness, abuse, violence, social exclusion and other crisis. 

    As a local independent charity, we work in partnership with a wide range of local organisations and collaborate with other similar organisations in a national forum.

    To find out more about what we do please visit our website 

  • Aberdeen Day Project Ltd t/a The Breadmaker logo

    Aberdeen Day Project Ltd t/a The Breadmaker

    The Breadmaker is a social enterprise based in Rosemount Aberdeen . Founded in 2006 , we provide training, development to 24 adults with learning disabilities in our Bakery and Coffee Shop.

  • Aberdeen Multicutural Centre logo

    Aberdeen Multicutural Centre

    Aberdeen Multicultural Centre (AMC) is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of diverse communities in Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland. AMC encourages co-operation and integration

    The organisation’s aims are to support all communities to develop better understanding and opportunities in social, economic, welfare and environmental issues. AMC would like to see greater social integration, remove social isolation and does this through organising different cultural activities, training and information events and through community development projects.

    Each year Aberdeen Mela - OWD presents wonderful and talented professional and community performers from across a wide range of Asian and other ethnic communities both based in Aberdeen and from around the UK.

    An important part of the event is the diversity of cuisine on offer as well as craft, clothes and other activities to make the Aberdeen Mela experience even better. Find out more about what is on offer and contact details if interested in taking part.

    We are very grateful to our sponsors and donators who ensure every year that the Aberdeen Mela is free for any member of the public to enjoy. If you are interested in finding more about how you can support the event, please get in touch.

  • Aberlour logo


    We are a charity that offer's a range of services across Scotland. These offer practical and emotional care and support to children and families.

    We are a charity that offer's a range of services across Scotland. These offer practical and emotional care and support to children and families including:? Residential and Fostering, Recovery, Early years, Disability, Urgent assistance and early intervention.

    Our tailored services help each child, young person and family be the best that they can be. We support individuals and families overcome significant challenges in life.

  • Alzheimer's Research UK logo

    Alzheimer's Research UK

    UK's leading dementia research charity, working to revolutionise the way we treat, diagnose and prevent dementia.

  • Asthma and Allergy Foundation logo

    Asthma and Allergy Foundation

    Join the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, an organisation dedicated to supporting and improving the lives of people living with asthma and allergies!

    The Asthma and Allergy Foundation is a charity that provides evidence-based health information, confidential advice, and support to people with asthma, their families, and carers across the North East of Scotland so that they or their loved ones with asthma can live healthy, active, and full lives – just like everyone else.

    As a volunteer with our organisation, you'll have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those affected by asthma and allergies. You'll work alongside a passionate and dedicated team of professionals who are committed to creating healthier communities and tackling health inequalities.


    In addition to making a meaningful impact in the community, volunteering with Asthma and Allergy Foundation is a fantastic way to develop your skills and gain valuable experience in health promotion, public speaking, community engagement, and more.


    If you're passionate about improving the health and well-being of those affected by asthma and allergies, we'd love to hear from you!

  • BEEN THERE logo


    Been There is the only charity helping adults with body image issues and related mental health concerns by connecting them with a Mentor who has ‘Been There’ too.

    • Been There connects people who are struggling with their body image (Mentees) to people who have overcome similar body image issues (Mentors).
    • This is done via an app. 
    • Mentees are assigned an appropriate Mentor based on experience, age and need. 
    • Mentees can remain anonymous if they wish.
    • Mentors are vetted, trained and supported by Been There.
  • Bipolar Scotland logo

    Bipolar Scotland

    Bipolar Scotland is Scotland's only charity that specialises in supporting those living with Bipolar Disorder. This is done through peer support and helping to guide those through their diagnosis.


    Bipolar Scotland is Scotland's only charity who specialise in supporting those who live with Bipolar Disorder as well as their families and friends. 

    We do this through various means of support, these include;

    • Offering Support groups for people living with bipolar
    • Self Management training- teaching techniques for those to successfully manage their illness
    • One-to-one peer support for anyone who lives with bipolar and provides up to 12 meetings with a Peer Worker or Peer Volunteer.
    • We have newly launched our 'Beyond Diagnosis' service which gives those who have just recently been diagnosed advice on understanding what living with bipolar means for them.

    We are always looking for volunteers to help with our bucket collections throughout Scotland.

    Volunteering for our fundraising team is a fun and exciting way to support Bipolar Scotland by raising funds. We want to build our presence in local communities and continue to host community events and bucket collections all over the country.

    In return you will make new friends, gain skills and build your confidence while letting you play a key role in your community. It can also improve your career prospects and adds invaluable volunteering experience to your cv.

    What you’ll do

    • Support us during organised bucket collections at supermarkets, shopping centres, train stations and football grounds.
    • Be happy to talk to passers-by encouraging them to donate.
    • Work with our enthusiastic fundraising team, including staff and volunteers.
    • Don’t get easily offended or put off by rejection.
    • Count and bank money ( PVG checked Volunteers)
    • Volunteer on an ad hoc basis, chose from a variety of locations, dates and times that suit you, no weekly commitment required.

    What we are looking for.

    • Enthusiasm for our cause
    • Committed and reliable individuals
    • Good communication skills and the ability to interact.
    • Smart appearance
    • Polite and friendly manner
    • Ability to work with others

  • British Heart Foundation logo

    British Heart Foundation

    Our volunteers help us fund lifesaving science to improve the lives of families and loved ones living with heart and circulatory disease. Volunteering with us is easy, flexible, and inclusive.

    We fund around £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them. Heart diseases. Stroke. Vascular dementia. Diabetes. They're all connected, and they're all under our microscope.  Our volunteers help us fund lifesaving science to improve the lives of families and loved ones living with heart and circulatory disease. Volunteering with us is easy, flexible, and inclusive. If you can spare a few hours a week, or a couple of hours occasionally, we’d love you to join our volunteer team.

  • Cairns Counselling logo

    Cairns Counselling

    We provide counselling to adults in need of support. Established as a charity in 1994 we are recipients of the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

    At Cairns Counselling our aim is to increase well-being by providing counselling and support by voluntary donation making us financially accessible to anyone in need.

  • Charlie House logo

    Charlie House

    Aberdeen city centre locations

    Charlie House is a local charity which supports babies, children and young people with complex disabilities and life limiting conditions. 

    We provide monthly activities for all members of the family to enjoy, as well as events, an annual short break and outings around the North East. 

    We host fund raising events locally, throughout the year. 

    We have ad  hoc and regular volunteering opportunities. 

    Whether you are in Event management, business, health, education or marketing - we would love to have you on our volunteering team! Your knoweldge and input would be so welcome! 






  • CLAN Cancer Support logo

    CLAN Cancer Support

    Clan Cancer Support is a well-established, local charity providing emotional and practical support to people affected by cancer, their family, carers and friends.

    Clan Cancer Support is a well-established, local charity providing emotional and practical support to people affected by cancer, their family, carers and friends.Volunteers are essential in helping Clan to provide a wide range of services, free of charge, to anyone affected by cancer.

    No matter how much of your spare time you are able to give or what skills you can bring, Clan can offer you a special and rewarding volunteering experience in Aberdeen City, throughout Aberdeenshire, Moray, Orkney and Shetland. To find out more about our volunteer roles, visit our website or email  

  • Community Food Initiatives North East logo

    Community Food Initiatives North East

    CFINE improves health and wellbeing and the environment, tackles poverty and builds resilience through a wide range of support, partnerships and services.

  • Denis Law Legacy Trust logo

    Denis Law Legacy Trust

    Supporting & empowering young people to be confident, capable, independent and responsible citizens within their own communities.

    Streetsport is Denis Law Legacy Trust’s flagship programme. Ran in partnership with the Robert Gordon University, Streetsport delivers free weekly sports and creative activity sessions for young people 5-nights a week, 50-weeks a year.

    Utilising our mobile sports arena and equipment in various places including car parks, parks and local facilities, Streetsport has successfully reduced instances of anti-social behaviour; improved health and wellbeing; and encouraged inclusivity through sport, physical activity, and creative endeavour.

    Streetsport was established in 2006 as a partnership between RGU Sport, Gray's School of Art and Police Scotland. Initially running as a part-time programme delivered in a handful of locations, the programme has developed over the years and is now a full-time programme operating across Aberdeen every week night.

  • East Grampian Coastal Partnership Ltd logo

    East Grampian Coastal Partnership Ltd

    The EGCP is a conservation not for profit organisation, working to promote the sustainable development and management of the coast between Kinnaird Head and St Cyrus.


    We run various coastal conservation and planning projects in Aberdeenshire , including Turning the Plastic Tide , Discovery Maps and State of the Coast. 

    See our website for more project information and updates - East Grampian Coastal Partnership (EGCP) | Home 

  • Fertility Network UK logo

    Fertility Network UK

    Fertility Network Scotland run Your Future Fertility project which aims to speak to students and young people about the 8 wellbeing factors that can impact on fertility. We are part of FNUK.

    Your Future Fertility project is looking for student volunteers to attend Fresher, Refresher and health and wellbeing events at Robert Gordon University and promote the Your Wellbeing Your Future message to fellow students. We are also looking for students who are willing to raise awareness throughout the year and promote the Your Wellbeing Your Future Fertility message within the University.

  • Gathimba Edwards Foundation logo

    Gathimba Edwards Foundation

    Our mission is to provide children in Kenya with an education by supporting school, college & university fees, and support children in Aberdeenshire with severe disabilities with specialist equipment.

  • Harlaw Area Lifelong Learning Association logo

    Harlaw Area Lifelong Learning Association

    The objectives are charitable and include promotion of learning opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to encourage active citizenship and build a better communities.

  • Imran Khan Cancer Appeal logo

    Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

    Our Student Ambassadors play a vital role in representing Imran Khan Cancer Appeal at local events, speaking about our work and the importance of the funds our supporters raise.

    Our Student Ambassadors play a vital role in representing Imran Khan Cancer Appeal at local events, speaking about our work, and the importance of the funds our supporters raise.

    What skills do I need?

    •Excellent organisational skills

    •Confident public speaker with excellent communication skills

    •Flexibility to be called upon when needed

    •A personal and friendly manner

    •Reliable and professional demeanor

    •An ability to use your own initiative and to work unsupervised

     What support will we give you?

    •You will be provided with induction training before you start your volunteering role and relevant training throughout the course of your time with us

    •You will receive support from our Community Fundraising and Volunteer Officer

    •We provide you with insurance cover

    •You will be given any equipment and information necessary to carry out your role

     What will you gain from this opportunity?

     You will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to the lives of those affected by Cancer. You will be able to utilise your existing skills as well as developing and learning new ones.

  • Inchgarth Community Centre logo

    Inchgarth Community Centre

    Inchgarth is the busiest, biggest, best resourced, and most successful community centre with a programme of 150 sessions of activity for all ages. Inchgarth is a Queen's award recipient, An MBE

    Volunteering with us is a flexible and rewarding method to gain the valuable work experience you need to help you secure a job, along with a reputable reference for your CV. It’s also the perfect way to stand out from the crowd when looking for graduate work after university. Inchgarth Community Centre has a wide variety of voluntary placements available right now, and are looking for hard-working, bright and diligent people to fill them.

  • International Voluntary Service logo

    International Voluntary Service

    International Voluntary Service (IVS) is the British branch of a worldwide network of like-minded branches and partner organisations supporting the mutual exchange of volunteers to work on projects

    The International Voluntary Service is a peace organisation working for the sustainable development of local and global communities throughout the world. We are a leading charity which has existed since 1931, involving volunteers in international exchanges at home and abroad (international voluntary projects). IVS is the British branch of Service Civil International (SCI), a worldwide network of like-minded branches and partner organisations supporting the mutual exchange of volunteers to work on projects of direct benefit to local communities.

  • It's a Penalty logo

    It's a Penalty

    It's a Penalty works collaboratively to end human trafficking, exploitation and abuse. We run local and global education and awareness campaigns to tackle the world's fastest growing crime.

    It's a Penalty works collaboratively to end human trafficking, exploitation and abuse. We run local and global education and awareness campaigns highlighting penalties for offenders, the signs to look out for, and how to make a report.

    Our Student Ambassador Programme educates and empowers UK university students to prevent human trafficking, the world's fastest growing crime.


    It’s a Penalty run global campaigns during major sporting events such as the Olympic & Paralympic Games and the NFL Super Bowls, working in partnership with the sports, travel and tourism industry, NGO's, law enforcers and top athletes. We also advocate for legal reform to improve protection from sexual exploitation and abuse for children through our CommonProtect programme.

  • Long Covid Kids logo

    Long Covid Kids

    We represent and support children and young people living with Long Covid and related illnesses and the parents and caregivers that look after them.

    Long Covid Kids was founded in October 2020 by people living with Long Covid. In 2021 LCK became the first registered charity advocating for families, children and young people living with Long Covid anywhere in the world. Currently supporting over 12,000 families, LCK’s vision is to achieve recognition, support and recovery for Long Covid and related illnesses in children and young people. Their mission is to increase understanding, aid early diagnosis and improve response and intervention.


    LCK volunteers have worked tirelessly to raise awareness and effect change throughout the pandemic.  Their Annual Report 2021-2022 spotlights their impact.

    LCK’s award winning guidebook ‘Shining a light on Long Covid in Children. A Guide to Recognition.Support. Recovery’ was created in response to the increase in demand for their support services. The guide contains practical and helpful information for health and education professionals, and families Designed to support and inform on recovery alongside their popular resources; Pacing Penguins and Cautious Tortoise.

  • Macmillan cancer support logo

    Macmillan cancer support

    We’re here to help everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can. Whether you need help paying bills, advice on benefits or treatment, or just want to chat, we're here to help.

  • Mamacita Foundation logo

    Mamacita Foundation

    Mamacita Foundation is a community-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the well-being and mental health of our diverse communities. Our mission is to provide support, foster friendsh

  • MCR Pathways logo

    MCR Pathways

    An Hour a Week, a Lifetime of Impact: Volunteer to Mentor a Young Person in Your Community with MCR Pathways

    MCR Pathways has been partnering with schools since 2007 so we know just how amazing the young people of Scotland are. However, sometimes due to situations out of their control, young people face challenges that make it more difficult for them to succeed. This is where you can help...

    MCR recruits and trains volunteer mentors who are matched with a young person that shares similar interests, hobbies or career aspirations. Mentors meet with their young person at their school for just one hour per week and the difference this makes to their lives is transformational. The mentoring relationship is unique as young people establish a friendship with someone who is there, just for them. The impact on their life is huge. Scotcen, the Scottish arm of Britain’s leading independent social research institute NatCen, found that 81.6% of mentored care-experienced young people leave school to a positive destination (full-time employment, further education, or higher education) compared to 59.8% of care-experienced non-mentored school leavers.

    We are hoping to help even more young people in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire reach their potential and are currently recruiting volunteers to mentor. (Age Requirement 21+) The only qualification you need to be a mentor is the desire to help. All young people are different and have different needs, so it’s important that our mentors come from all walks of life. The building of the relationship with a young person is facilitated by our fantastic MCR Pathways Coordinators who are based in each school and work with our young people on a daily basis. Are you someone who can #ShareAnHour and support a young person to achieve everything they can in life? Why not do something to make a difference that lasts a lifetime. Sign up and become a mentor today! To register please visit

  • Migrant Help logo

    Migrant Help

    We exist to protect people affected by displacement and exploitation, helping them thrive as individuals and recover from their trauma.

    We support those most in need and least likely to find support elsewhere, whilst aiming to bridge community gaps and bring services and support together.

    Our core services include:

    Asylum Support

    Those seeking asylum in the UK can come to us to seek help with applying for accommodation and financial support, to report issues with asylum accommodation, and any other advice needed during their asylum journey. We also provide support during the post-decision period, whether the decision has been positive or negative.

    Victims of Slavery and Human Trafficking Support

    We provide specialist support and accommodation to victims of human trafficking and modern slavery, and their dependants. Our dedicated casework teams provide safe accommodation, develop support plans and facilitate access to key services in order to empower clients as they recover from trauma. Our aim is to reduce the risk of re-trafficking and help the survivors to move onto a positive new chapter in their lives.

    Refugee Resettlement

    In September 2015, the Government committed to bringing 20,000 vulnerable Syrian refugees into the UK under the SVPR scheme by 2020. We work alongside local authorities in East Kent to assist refugees resettled in the area. We support the individuals and families as they settle into their new communities, helping them to cope with trauma with the help of specialist services, learn English and access healthcare, education, employment opportunities and other key services.

    EU Settlement Scheme

    EU citizens living in the country must apply for settled or pre-settled status to guarantee their rights after the UK leaves the European Union. We are committed to advising and supporting vulnerable people in this process, including those who are part of Gypsy, traveller or Roma communities, homeless, elderly, disabled, adults who have left care or victims of domestic abuse, modern slavery or human trafficking.

    Clear Voice Interpreting Services

    Clear Voice offers high-quality interpreting and translation services throughout the UK and is the only social enterprise service of its kind. All of Clear Voice’s profits are donated back to Migrant Help to support our work.  

    Fortunate enough to find ourselves in a unique position to help, we also strive to influence positive change to policy and practice, as well as demonstrate the value that migrants bring to the UK in order to address the rising hostility from some parts of the population.

    We believe that everyone deserves to be safe, respected and treated equally, and we strive to ensure this through committed partnerships, innovation and excellence.

  • MS Society Scotland logo

    MS Society Scotland

    Across the UK, our 270 local groups play a vital part in supporting people affected by MS. They provide sense of belonging, unity and friendship.

  • Muscular Dystrophy UK logo

    Muscular Dystrophy UK

    We’re the leading charity for over 60 muscle wasting and weakening conditions. For over 60 years, we’ve been building our community of individuals living with muscle-wasting or weakening conditions, f



    Charity supporting the end to Child abuse and Neglect.

  • NSPCC, Childline logo

    NSPCC, Childline

    The NSPCC's Childline service is a confidential place for children to contact - over the phone or online. Their volunteers are there for young people when they feel they have no one else to turn to.

    Childline helps children and young people 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Becoming a Childline volunteer means being there when a child needs you the most. Just four hours out of your week can help thousands of children and young people. Sometimes all they need is someone like you who has the time to listen. All our volunteers undergo the necessary training for the role of counsellor and are fully supported.

    Childline are currently recruiting for more helpline volunteers, so they can be there for even more young people and would be delighted to hear from anyone who would be interested in giving their time.

    The first step is to attend a Volunteer Information meeting, where you can learn about all that’s involved and without obligation. Visit where you can sign up or call your local Childline office in Aberdeen for further information- 01224 973036

  • Orthodox Research Institute of St John Chrysostom SCIO logo

    Orthodox Research Institute of St John Chrysostom SCIO

    Our organisation connects people involved in the research in Christian Eastern Orthodox Theology

    Our organisation connects people involved in the research in Christian Eastern Orthodox Theology The mission of our organisation is to provide an academic platform which would allow researchers to continue research on a highest academic level and enable continuity of their belonging to a research community.

  • Oxfam Campaigns logo

    Oxfam Campaigns

    Oxfam is a global community of people who believe in a radically better world. We believe we can overcome poverty by fighting the injustices and inequalities that fuel it. Join us today!

    Do you want to do something that look great on your CV, and help to build your skills and confidence?
    Then join us here at Oxfam! We’re a global movement of people who won’t live with poverty, and we are looking
    for university students across the country to lead transformative campaigns. You will bring people
    together to develop and deliver campaigning activities and events, to inspire and motivate others to take action on
    poverty. You will receive training in key skills, one to one support, the opportunity to network with other
    campaigners and invitations to participate in Oxfam's events and campaigns at a national level.

    We will help you to build the skills, experience and confidence needed for you to excel as a change-maker on your
    campus and beyond. During your time as a student campaigner, you will also gain a host of transferable skills
    which lots of employers are looking for! No previous campaigning experience is necessary as we'll provide you
    with all the training you need.

    Register your interest today!
    Please note: All applicants must be aged 18 or over

  • Play Action International logo

    Play Action International

    Play Action International are a UK registered charity and Kenyan and Ugandan NGO, offering short term global mobility and international volunteering opportunities in the summer.

    Founded in 2009 by two University students, we’re proud to be in our 14th year working with Higher Education students! In this time, we have built over 420 playgrounds in East Africa, estimating to impact over 750,000 children! But play is just for fun, right? Wrong! Play is a fundamental building block to a child’s development and education. It gives children social, cognitive and physical skills to apply in everyday life. But most importantly, a playground gives a child a childhood. In East Africa, play is not seen as important – labour is the priority. Our playgrounds are built at hospitals to aid recovery, refugee settlements to act as spaces for emotional outlet, and at schools to introduce play as a fundamental part of education.

  • Re-engage logo


    Re-engage is a charity that is positive about older age and committed to fighting loneliness so that people can have social lives and friendship groups however old they are.

    As we get older, our social circles diminish, and we find ourselves with fewer and fewer people to turn to. Imagine realising one day that all your friends and family have gone from your life. Loneliness can be cruel, and it affects millions of people over 75 who live in social isolation.

    Re-engage is making life less lonely for thousands of older people every year. Older people tell us that our volunteer-led activities make them happier and more able to trust others.

    Our tea parties are monthly social groups open to people aged 75 and over, and give older people regular afternoons of conversation and laughter with friends of all ages.

    Call companions is our telephone befriending service ensuring older people stay connected to the outside world. Call companions is available to anyone aged 75 and over who’s socially isolated and would like a regular chat over the phone with a friendly volunteer.

    Rainbow call companions is our telephone befriending service for LGBT+ people who are lonely, isolated or in need of companionship and feel they would benefit from a friendly phone call every week or two. This is a service specifically for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender plus (LGBT+) people aged 75+ who would like to speak to someone who’s also LGBT+. 

    All our services are free to older people.

  • RGU:Union logo


    We are the Student Union for Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, here to represent RGU Students and make your life at RGU the best it can be.
  • Riding for the Disabled Aberdeen Group logo

    Riding for the Disabled Aberdeen Group

    Aberdeen RDA is a member group of the national charity Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA).

    Aberdeen RDA is a member group of the national charity Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA). Our ponies provide therapy, achievement and enjoyment to children & adults with disabilities. The Aberdeen Group was formed in 1970 and has helped thousands of disabled people for over 50 years. We provide riding opportunities for over 20 participants each week. We rely on a big team of volunteers to assist the riders: supporting the riders and leading the ponies. No horse knowledge required!

  • Robert Gordon University School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedic Practice logo

    Robert Gordon University School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedic Practice

    We regularly provide opportunities for Students to volunteer at Health focussed events providing health information to other students, staff and any visitors/ local population.

  • Rosies Social Enterprises (Turning Point Scotland) logo

    Rosies Social Enterprises (Turning Point Scotland)

    We provide vocational training, support and work experience for people recovering from mental ill health, acquired brain injury and those with learning disabilities.

    Volunteers could work in any of our workshops: Crafts, Graphics, Picture Framing or the Cafe at the Tillydrone Campus, 52 Hayton Road.

    We are open Monday to Friday and can be flexible with times and shift patterns

  • Scotia Medical Group logo

    Scotia Medical Group

    We are a charity with an ambition to deliver free first aid to community groups, in order to create a network of lifesavers. We also provide medical services to events across the North East.

  • Searchlight Scotland logo

    Searchlight Scotland

    Searchlight Scotland runs a restoration programme and supported accommodation for women whose lives have been affected by human trafficking, addiction, abuse and other life controlling issues.

    Our Residential Programme aims to empower women held back by life controlling issues, including addiction, self-harm, anxiety and depression, through a holistic and tailored service.

    The programme includes counselling, life skills, personal and social development and health and wellbeing support. It aims to encourage trust and independence while providing support where the individual needs it. 
    This service can also be a ‘move-on’ option for women who have been a victim to exploitation and have exited safe house or home office accommodation. This can sometimes be essential to survivors to reduce the risk of being ‘re-trafficked’. We believe working on the deeper issues surrounding their time of exploitation is key to a person's success and independence. 

  • SensationALL logo


    SensationALL are a charity who run sensory based therapy groups and services for children and adults with multiple support needs.

    Volunteers are key to our success! We need people to assist our team in delivering engaging and rewarding sessions for all our service users. You would be involved in activities such as crafts, baking, games and music as well as helping with the set-up, making refreshments and tidying up. Outwith our service groups we also need volunteers to help us with fundraising, IT, marketing and events.

  • Shelter Scotland logo

    Shelter Scotland

    Shelter Scotland exists to defend the right to a safe, permanent home for everyone. We provide expert housing advice and support to those in the midst of the housing crisis.

    Shelter Scotland exists to defend the right to a safe, permanent home for everyone in Scotland. We provide expert housing advice and support through our helpline, webchat, online information, legal team and housing advisors.
    Every day in Scotland, 45 children become homeless. Every 16 minutes, a household become homeless.

    We have the following services:

    North Communities Team which empoweer and supports people experiencing bad housing, homelessness, rent arrears, and landlord issues (including illegal evictions) in the private rental sector.

    Community Organising which empowers communities to fight back against the housing emergency, focusing on housing issues that are most relevant to them.

    Community Retail Shop which sells donations of preloved clothing, bric-a-brac, household items, books, DVDs and accessories

    Community Fundraising which raises vital funds to ensure the support provided can continue. We hold events such as the Kiltwalk, Speed dating, Abseils and much more

  • Silver City Surfers logo

    Silver City Surfers

    We offer free tutoring on smartphones, tablets and laptops for anyone in need of a bit of support. Volunteer Tutors assist the public at our drop in sessions, learners are mostly age 50 plus.

    Silver City Surfers are supporting members of the community who are struggling with the world of IT and accessing the internet. With five drop in sessions at different venues in the city throughout the week, the charities volunteers are busy helping people with a range of IT related requests. Often it's basic help that's required in getting online and learning how to use a new device, perhaps a smart phone for the first time. Crucially for those who are struggling to access essential services that have now moved fully online, Silver City Surfers are providing a lifeline. We are looking to expand our team of volunteers and help even more people. Many are reaching out as they find themselves in the vulnerable position of being unable to pay bills, make a GP appointment or claim benefits. Our tutors offer their support along with a cup of tea and the reassuring chat that is important also for people who are becoming at risk of isolation.

  • Soroptimist International Aberdeen logo

    Soroptimist International Aberdeen

    We stand up for women and girls- locally, nationally and internationally.

    Soroptimist International Aberdeen has been an active group in Aberdeen for many years.  In fact, we are celebrating our 95th anniversary on 9th March 2024.  The international Soroptimist movement started in San Francisco in 1921 so we are over 100 years old.  What brings us together is the vision that all women and girls around the world will live in a world where they have an equal chance to education, and enjoy a life free of violence and exploitation.  Women and children suffer so much around the world.  Soroptimists stand up for them and help their voice to be heard.

  • Sound Festival logo

    Sound Festival

    soundfestival is an innovative festival of new music.


    soundfestival is an innovative festival of new music. From contemporary classical to electro-acoustic, improvised, experimental and jazz music, the festival brings together a wide range of musical styles in a variety of concerts, workshops, installations and talks across Aberdeen City and Shire. soundfestival encourages audiences to discover new sounds and expect the unexpected. 

    This year the festival runs from 25 - 29 October.

    VOLUNTEERING AT soundfestival

    As a soundfestival volunteer you can expect to get a firsthand insight on what it takes to run a festival. You will meet new people, work in interesting venues and hear some fascinating music. We encourage people from all backgrounds to join us. The only requirements are to be enthusiastic, reliable and committed to making soundfestival even better. 

    As the festival takes place over a week, there is flexibility when it comes to shifts. All volunteers, when they’re off duty, can go and see any of the festival events for free if the event isn’t sold out.

    Volunteers receive an induction session and relevant training. Support and guidance will be available throughout the volunteering period. We will do everything to ensure your volunteering experience is positive, enriching and enjoyable. As soundfestival volunteer your contribution to soundfestival is highly valued.


    Event Assistant

    Looking for event experience? Do you enjoy talking to members of public or would you like to develop that skill? This role is varied and will give you hands-on experience and behind the scenes look into running a festival.

    As Event Assistant your role may involve:

    • Being the representative of the Festival for audiences
    • Handing out flyers before and after the event
    • Checking tickets and handing out programme notes
    • Handing out and gathering feedback forms
    • Crowd and Queue Management – helping people find their seats, answering queries
    • Helping with the set up and take down of the event (may include helping the artist with their instruments, setting up chairs, putting up/taking down banners etc)
    • Assisting with rehearsals
    • Assisting with catering
    • Running errands when required
    • Assisting Festival Management team where necessary

    Requirements: This role may include some manual handling and lifting. You should also be enthusiastic, open to meeting new people and learning about sound.


    Photography/film volunteer

    Do you enjoy taking photos and/or making videos? Do you want to expand your portfolio and gain experience?

    While being part of the official festival media team your role involves:

    • Attending Festival events 
    • Taking official photos for the Festival and all of its activities including pre-event set up, rehearsals, during the event and afterwards. We have events taking place at different times of the days: morning, lunchtime, evening.

    Requirements: You have a proven experience or keen interest in photography/videography. Examples of your work should be available upon request. You are required to have your own equipment. Please include a link to your portfolio or examples of your work in your application. 

    Digital Marketing Assistant

    Are you social media savvy and enjoy talking to people?

    As Digital Marketing Assistant your role may involve:

    • Attending Festival events
    • Taking engaging photos/videos for social media
    • Record vox pops with members of the audience and/or artists that can be shared on social media

    Requirements: You have a proven experience or keen interest in digital marketing and good understanding of different social media platforms. You are required to have your own equipment. Please include a link to your portfolio or examples of your work in your application.


    To apply, please complete the Google form:

    Deadline for applications is Monday, 9 October 2023.

  • Sport Aberdeen (Active Schools) logo

    Sport Aberdeen (Active Schools)

    Active Schools aims to provide more high quality extra-curricular sport & physical activity opportunities for school children and to develop effective pathways between schools and sports clubs.

    In addition to organising and delivering high-quality physical activity and sport opportunities for school children and young people, Aberdeen’s Active Schools team also work in partnership with a number of national and local organisations to deliver events and projects. 

    A huge part of our workforce who help us to achieve this are volunteers and we are always looking for new volunteers to support these activities.

    Our volunteer opportunities are wide-ranging, from delivering extracurricular sports sessions and helping to coordinate events, to supervising activities, supporting a lead coach or helping to take the registers.

    We offer training and development opportunities and look to support volunteers as part of our coaching team. Most importantly, you will be part of a team that plays an important role in improving the health and confidence of Aberdeen’s children and young people. If you are as passionate as we are about getting young people in Aberdeen active, then there is a role for you!

  • Street Soccer Scotland logo

    Street Soccer Scotland

    We are a major charity, operating in 4 major cities in Scotlnad. We provide free football for all backgrounds. We offer football to all walks of life and no-one ever has to pay for it!

    Our existing programme in Aberdeen already delivers positive change for the players attending,  benefit from hosting Street Soccer Scotland programmes. Our main target groups are people who may be disadvantaged or excluded for any reason such as mental health issues, rehab, homelessness, ex-offenders, internationals etc. Our programmes cover males and females, 10 – 16`s and adults with no upper age limit, we also deliver our own football themed SCQF accredited education programme and work with several partners who can offer support for gaining employment, all are free of charge to the players.

    When a player joins Street Soccer Scotland, we work with them on and off the pitch, targeting their specific needs, to help them achieve their potential. We assist them with developmental tools that will enrich their lives. We use soccer as the hook and engage with them to understand and use the transferrable life skills they are gaining by being part of our programmes.

  • The Access Project logo

    The Access Project

    The Access Project supports students from under-resourced backgrounds to access top universities. We work with pupils to make good applications and transition to university.

    The Access Project is an education charity supporting young people from under-resourced backgrounds across London, the Midlands, Yorkshire and the North West. The programme provides GCSE students with expert mentorship and personalised academic tuition delivered by our team of volunteer tutors.

    Today, young people in the UK from disadvantaged backgrounds are almost three times less likely to progress to a top-third university, compared to their peers working at a similar academic level. We want to change this. We help these young people to see university as something that is “for them”, to support them to make competitive applications and to get the grades they deserve so that they can fulfil their potential.


  • The Bridge logo

    The Bridge

    Aberdeen Linking Lives is a befriending service run by The Bridge (SC050930) and Company number: SC741149. The befriending service has been on for over four years.

  • The Kiltwalk logo

    The Kiltwalk

    Kiltwalk is Scotland’s largest mass participation walking event with over 145,000 people taking part since 2016.

    Kiltwalk is Scotland’s largest mass participation walking event with over 145,000 people taking part since 2016. The kind-hearted Kiltwalk community have taken big strides for charities close to their hearts and together with The Hunter Foundation have managed to raise a staggering £42.5 million to date. All funds raised have been distributed to 3,330 Scottish Charities.

  • The National Trust for Scotland logo

    The National Trust for Scotland

    The National Trust for Scotland is the charity that cares for, shares and speaks up for Scotland’s magnificent heritage. We’re Scotland’s largest membership organisation and independent from govt.

    The National Trust for Scotland is the charity that cares for, shares and speaks up for Scotland’s magnificent heritage. We’re Scotland’s largest membership organisation and we’re independent from government.

    Since 1931, we’ve pioneered public access to and shared ownership of some of the most magnificent buildings, collections and landscapes in Scotland. We care for ancient houses, battlefields, castles, mills, gardens, coastlines, islands and mountain ranges, as well as the plants, animals and birds that live there. Without our involvement, many of these places and things would have been lost forever to the passage of time, development and the elements.

  • TLC logo


    The TLC Befriending Project is and Aberdeen based project which supports people struggling with the devastating affects of poor mental health and wellbeing.

    Everyone can feel lonely and isolated at times, especially if experiencing hardship.

    In response to the devastating effects of loneliness and isolation on people’s physical, emotional, and mental health, which the covid-19 pandemic and cost of living crisis is only exacerbating, TLC responded to the need by setting up a befriending service to combat loneliness and isolation in late April 2021.

    Our aim is that our expertly trained and compassionate volunteers will provide a lifeline to people, in the form of friendship and a helping hand to reconnect to the community and the building of befriendee resilience, bringing joy and passion back into people’s lives.

    If you would like to be a beacon of hope for someone in need, please apply to become a TLC Befriender

  • Touch of Love Outreach logo

    Touch of Love Outreach

    Touch of Love is a registered Charity (SC050493) that uplifts Aberdeen's vulnerable through food banks, family support, and empowering minority ethnic programs.

    Touch of Love Outreach  (SC050493) offer comprehensive community support initiatives here in Aberdeen, particularly focusing on our efforts in Torry and other areas facing severe challenges.

    Two Dedicated Food Banks in Torry: At the heart of our mission, our food banks provide essential aid to everyone facing severe food insecurity. Through these efforts, we have distributed over 20,000 nutrient-rich food parcels, directly supporting over 25,000 adults and 11,000 children since March 2020.

    Family Support Services: Our Family Support Services provide vital assistance to families facing multiple complex challenges, ensuring they have the necessary resources to thrive.

    Early Years Services: Operating under the Peep Healthier Families framework, our mum and baby/toddler groups cater to 20 minority ethnic mothers, enhancing early childhood development and parental skills.

    Integration Support: We offer crucial integration services to over 350 minority ethnic New Scots, including employability training, financial inclusivity training, and cooking sessions, enhancing their ability to thrive in our community.

    Empowering Minority Ethnic Programmes: Through the Young Achievers' Club (a safe club for BME young persons aged 8 - 20)  and other initiatives, we empower minority ethnic children and their families by fostering integration, personal development, and community participation.

    Touch of Love is committed to nurturing growth, independence, and well-being among Aberdeen's most vulnerable. Your support is crucial in allowing us to continue and expand these initiatives.

  • We Too! logo

    We Too!

    We Too! empowers families of children with life-long disabilities, by providing a quarterly ''What's On'' Guide for families, peer support hub, monthly children clubs and school holiday programmes.

    We Too! is a customer driven organisation empowering families with children with life-long, prodominently hidden disabilities, such as Autism, ADHD, Tourette's, Epilepsy by providing a free quaterly ''Whats On'' guide for families. Providing a peer support and signposting hub, monthly children's clubs and school holiday programmes. We offer bespoke ASN/Customer service training to other organisations, to help them host Relaxed/Sensory Sessions in the community.