STAR Awards Shortlist

We are delighted to announce the shortlist for this year's STAR Awards. These are the staff members who have been nominated by students, then awarded by a student-led panel, for going above and beyond to support students.

The awards ceremony will be held in the RGU:Union space in Aberdeen Business School where we will celebrate all the award winners. Please join us to celebrate RGU staff. 


Innovative Lecturer of the Year

Ebuka Ibeke
John Kennedy
Vicki Falls
Fiona Roberts

Postgraduate Choice Award

Izzy Crawford
Josh Bircham
Oluyomi Osobajo
Eleni Kesidou


Online Distance Learners Choice Award

Amanda Meyer
Brenda Paver
Tracy Pirie
Vicki Falls


Lecturer of the Year

Craig Leith
David McClean
Searon Thornton
Uche Iloka

Supervisor of the Year

Colin Bell
David Moore
Jane Innes
Leon Moller


Research Supervisor of the Year

Edward Gobina 
Hector Williams
Omaima Hassan
Cathy McCallugh


Personal Tutor of the Year

Jill Will
Tracy Pirie
Whitney Bevan
Elyan Eyad


Support Staff of the Year

Debbie Ralph
Look Again Team
Liam Waldron
Lorraine Amies


Individual Award Shortlist

Amanda Meyer

 Alice Butler-Warke

 Anne Singleton

 Arlene Jopp

 Dorothy Giles

 Irene Baird

 Jo Taylor

 Josh Bircham

 Ross McClean

 Sam Burgess

 Sarah Humphrey

 Shamal Faily

Aakash Welgamage Don

Adekunle Oke

Alan MacLennan

Alison Orellana

Amy Arnold

Andrea Lawrie

Andrew Turnbull

Angela Hart

Angie Arkwright

Audrey Stephen

Ayodele Asekomeh

Becky Marshall

Ben Durack

Brenda Paver

Bruce Petrie

Caitlin Wilkinson

Carlos Garcia

Carol Air

Caroline Hood

Cathy McCallugh

Christina Moir

Christina Reid

Christopher McDermott

Colin Bell

Craig Leith

Dan Bennett

Dan Warrander

Dargie Helen

David Blyth

David Corsar

David Humphrey

David Lonie

David McClean

David Moore

David Wilson

Debbie Booth

Debbie Ralph

Douglas Rae

Ebuka Ibeke

Edward Gobina

Elaine Allan

Elaine Stewart

Eleni Kesidou

Emily Miscioscia

Emma Hector

Euan Walker

Eyad Elyan

Farooq Ahmad

Fiona Caldwell

Fiona Roberts

Fiona Smith

Flora Douglas

Gemma Scally

Georgie Gordon

Graeme Clark

Graeme Kay

Graham Grant

Graham Macaulay

Hannah Leslie

Harsha Kalutarage

Heather Bain

Hector Williams

Helen Dargie

Ian Harris

Ines Arana

Izzy Crawford

Jack Keenan

Jack Stott

Jamie McDonald

Jane Innes

Jay Lytwynenko

Jean-Claude Golovine

Jennifer Traill

Jill Will

Jonny Kennedy

Jordan Creasey

Josie Watson

Judith Bisset

Katie Anderson

Katrina Whittingham

Kelly Reid



Kyle Martin

Leon Moller

Liam Waldron

Look Again Team

Lorraine Amies

Louise Heenan

Mamdud Hossain

Marie Simpson

Mark Snaith

Michelle Coull

Mick Eason

Mo Tabib

Morag Matson

Neil Connon

Nichola Strachan

Nicolas Maulet

Oluyomi Osobajo

Omaima Hassan

Pam Johnston

Pamela Kirkpatrick

Paula Sledzinker

Pauline Bremner

Peter Reid

Prisca Coull

Rachel Grant

Rachel Pugh

Rebecca Wright

Richard Laing

Richard Leece

Robert Craigmyle

Roger McDermott

Roma Boulton

Ross Wilson

Sarah Buckler

Sarah Riddell

Sarah Rivers

Scott Macpherson

Sheonagh Rowley

Shona Clark

Simon Burnett

Simon Fraser

Tina McGilton

Tracy Pirie

Trudy McIntosh

Uche Iloka

Vicki Falls

Victor Cabal

Whitney Bevan

Xin Zhang

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