Find Your Voice

Find Your Voice
Tuesday 22 October 2019
4pm - 6pm

Do you feel nervous in stressful situations? Get flustered in presentations? Don't feel confident explaining your projects or ideas in business meetings?

The Find Your Voice workshops with jazz singer Cindy Douglas will help you prepare for all of this and more. Learn how to keep people's attention, 'hold the floor', listen and adapt, use intonation and phrasing, explore different pitches in your voice and how to utilise them and find confidence to take the lead and shine.

If you've ever felt self conscious about speaking publicly, asking a question in a meeting or class or feel nervous about opening conversations in networking situations, you're not alone. It's very rare to find anyone who enjoys public speaking! The human voice is the most important communication tool you have and yet, it's sadly neglected and under valued by the majority of us. In this session, you'll learn how powerful verbal communications are and leave with some simple techniques to improve your skills so that you feel more confident in speaking up and being heard.

ABS room is still to be confirmed.

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