Carolyn Steel on how food shapes our urban lives

Carolyn Steel on how food shapes our urban lives
Thursday 23 March 2017
6pm - 8pm
Sir Ian Wood Atrium

How do you feed a city? It’s a vital question and one Go Green have been facing up to through weekly experiments in our Zero Waste café. With challenges such as obesity, climate change, deforestation and pollution, the hidden costs of industrial food are destroying us and our planet. Food has shaped our bodies, homes, societies, cities and landscapes in the past; now we need to harness that power for good. Can we think and act through food to create a better, more sustainable future?

To help answer and to celebrate the successful stage of the Zero Waste café Go Green have invited Carolyn Steel to approach the issue. Carolyn Steel is a leading thinker on food and cities. Her 2008 book Hungry City: How Food Shapes Our Lives is an international bestseller, and her concept of ‘sitopia’ (food-place) is widely recognized in the field of food urbanism. She is currently the director of Nightingale Architects in London.