BikePad has re-launched of January 2020 and at a new location at Flat 31, Woolmanhill! Following a hiatus period where we restructured and rebuilt, we have now have bikes for hire and a weekly opening of the workshop for anyone to wanting to fix their bikes.

BikePad has launched a data team with the object to change road infrastructure in Aberdeen to encourage more people to cycle, walk and wheel in the city. We are working other local groups to not only improve physical links between the centre and the Garthdee campus making it safer and easier but for the entire city as to benefit the wider community.

How it works

Hire is £20 for the semester or £40 for the year plus a £40 deposit on the bike and equipment. All payments are made online through the products above. Hire includes a bike, U-lock, helmet, hi-vis jacket, lights, reflectors and a city cycle map, so you can be road-ready from day one. If there are any problems with the bike when you hire from us you can bring it in to our workshop (now at flat 31, Woolmanhill) and we can fix it throughout the semester. Workshop opening hours are 3-6 every Wednesday till week 11 of each semester.

To find out more and to make a booking, email our Bike Hire team at


Bike Pad

Need a quick fix to your bike, maybe your chain oiled up or your tyres pumped? Our volunteers can show you how to maintain your bike and we have plenty of useful tools to make sure you're always road-ready! Bike Pad can be found in the Woolmanhill Student Flats. Our opening times 3-6 every Friday till week 11 of each semester.


We need volunteers!

As part of our BikePad scheme, we are recruiting enthusiastic people to help support the maintenance and distribution of the bikes. You do not need to be expereienced - we can offer you free bike maintenance workshops to become a trained volunteer. We are also looking for people who are keen in joining with the data team, to help gather, analyse and suggest changes which can be done to improve road layout in Aberdeen. Within the data team you will be working with other groups which are helping implement changes in Aberdeenshire such as Grampian Cycle Partnership, Nestrans, Sustrans, GetAbout and Aberdeen Cycling forum to name a few.

Please email for more information or to get involved.


Cycling into campus

It’s no secret that Aberdeen isn’t the most cycle friendly city, but luckily getting to the RGU campus is easy!

The old Deeside Railway Line path starts at Duthie Park and passes within half a mile of campus. Exit the path at Auchinyell Road and follow the blue cycling signs leading towards Garthdee Campus.

The railway line is flat and traffic- free but not well lit, so make sure you’re set up with lights and bright clothing in the winter.

Your Safety

It’s important to keep safe and know the rules of the road before you set out on your bike. The do’s and don’ts for cyclists vary between countries, so this section might be particularly useful for international students. The UK government has handily put together all the rules in the Highway Code that apply to cyclists. You can have a read of here.

The most important thing to note is that in the UK, cyclists are generally expected to behave like other traffic. This means stopping at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, waiting your turn at roundabouts and junctions, and not cycling on pavements (unless there’s a sign to tell you otherwise, of course!).

For more information on the project or how to get involved, shoot us a message on the Go Green Facebook page.

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